Yhinno Grei’s Christening

One of my very best friend, Yves, had his son christened last January 20th and it was my pleasure to be chosen as one of Yhinno’s Godmothers. He is so cute and adorable that I want to take him home with me. My office mates and I were able to grace the occasion though most of them were in  zombie mode because they just got off from work. I know, Yves would be mad for his friends not to show up on this important day of his life being a father. I am so proud of him! I’m really sure he would make a good husband to Glena and the best father to Yhinno.

Glena, Yves and Baby Yhinno

Yves with Glena and Baby Yhinno + Jade + Jules + JM + Jacqui + Iris

Mint + Me

Bryan + Jade + JM + Emong + Jacqui + Me + Mint + Jules

I don’t personally know their names so this will be.. Yves’ friends!

Yves’ Family Ü

Gifts for Yhinno ♥

Cute Baby Yhinno Grei

Yhinno’s party was so much fun, not to mention the sumptuous food, good friends and overflowing booze. I hope he would grow up to a be good man, god fearing and with respect for his parents. We love you Baby Yhinno! Welcome to the Christian World.. ♥

Penny for your thoughts? Ü

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