Reunited with My First Love

I am so glad that I get to squeeze my first love on my daily routine though I got Hubby annoyed of me being so consumed about it most of the time. I can’t explain the happiness it brought me when I started reading again. Yeah. Reading is my first love. Deadlines and the rest of school stuff hindered me from reading the stuff that I love back when I was still studying and of course my limited finances to support my hobby. Back then, books cost a fortune especially those hard-bounds and glossy covered books. I just used to borrow books from friends. When I graduated, obviously I have been busy working so I still can’t manage to have spare times for reading.

Harry Potter

Just recently, thank goodness for technology, I managed to download e-books on my phone for free (the best things are free see?) so I can still read while I’m on the go. Of course, I still wanted to have my own mini library in my room where I can stay there forever. Funny as it may seem, but I was able to re-read J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. Funny I say because I have read the books so many times and also watched the movies, but I’m still so excited on each and every pages. I still felt sad when Dumbledore died on the Half Blood Prince. Also, I felt so bad when I’ve finished the last book for I can’t get enough of the series. I’m still hoping that Rowling would continue the series though I know that it would be overkill. I so love the series that I am thinking about naming my future son Harry or my future daughter Hermione. Haha!

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