Our Rainy Summer Adventure

My Aunt and Granny just came back from the States so they treated us for an adventure. It was well timed for my rest day at work so we were able to come. The catch is, the weather in the Philippines is so unpredictable. It’s going to be sunny and the next thing you know, it is already raining cats and dogs. The rain was already brewing from up north when we woke up and packed for the trip the morning after we arrived at Olongapo City. We have expected the worst so we won’t be disappointed.

It was already raining a little when we were on our way and it’s kinda cold for a swim but still I’m pretty much excited. There’s a street there that’s named as Manila Avenue huh. 😊

I so love the place! I love being so close to nature once in a while. I took photos the moment we have checked in. Here’s some of the photos I took:

White RockSo here’s the entrance at The White Rock Waterpark and Beach Hotel, pretty classy right? It’s in Matain, Subic Zambales.

The cottages in front of the beach

Views from the beach. See, it’s kinda cloudy and the breeze was so cold.

They also have pools and slides that so extreme and I didn’t want to try them. Knowing me, extreme is just not my thing. I’m a scared little brat! HAHA! 😃 They have this slide called The Rampage, the SeeSaw Slide on the Raging River, The Big Bowl, The Wave Pool, Kiddie Pools etc. I just enjoyed the view and took my Hubby’s photos trying them out. He’s the guy in the blue jersey 😊

They also have activity centers like those military obstacles courses, rappelling, wall climbing and zip line. There’s my photo right at the zip line center, we weren’t able to try it since the rain won’t stop with wind and all so it would be scary. There’s another photo of me pretending to be climbing the wall. HAHA! Just to have a photo in action basically. 😃

We tried kayaking on the open sea and it was so much fun! Photos are a bit blurry because the rain won’t spare us an hour. See the Aqua Glide, it’s an inflatable slide and it looks fun but we can’t seem to managed to get on top of it since the steps were so big and dodgy.

That’s my cousins Holland (blue), Jason (gray), my brother Ronnel (red) and my hubby Mint (green). Seems like they’re enjoying it despite of the rain 😊

My super cool Mom 😊

Me and Hubby enjoyed kayaking though it’s bitter cold.

There’s also a mini pool with kayaks on it so my sister Cayse and Mint practiced before the real thing.

We have spent the rest of the day cam whoring and exploring the whole resort.

My sister Cayse and Me by the pool

My Mom 💛

My Dad 💚

Mint and Alie 💙My husband Mint  💜

The cabins at the Seaside

The balcony. Nice view right? 😊

A playground by the pool 😊

Me + Granny

To wrap it all, obviously everybody had fun. It’s so tiring but worth it. Mint and I had to leave for Manila the night right after we got home since I need to be at work the next day. My Aunt, Granny and my Mom flew after to Singapore in celebration of my Mom’s birthday. Too bad I can’t come but it’s all good. More summer adventure to come and I’m really hoping that it won’t rain anymore. We’ll cross our fingers to that! 😊


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