I am Daughter of Poseidon

I wish I am but I’m not. Haha! 😃 I just got this Percy Jackson series hangover since Rick Riordan didn’t include a Daughter of Poseidon on his books. This is still in relation to my “I want to be a mermaid when I grew up” syndrome. Yeah, I know this is crazy but if you are a regular reader of this blog, you would understand. I got this cute Daughter of Poseidon photo on DeviantArt, credit goes to pjatosuperfanfiction. They named her Taylor, I love it but I think it would be better if it’s Aqua or something *just saying 😊

Percy Jackson and The Olympians

Heroes of Olympus

I have read the Percy Jackson books up until the 2nd series Mark of Athena (Book4), House of Hades (Book 5) will be release on the 8th of October this year and I would say that Mr. Riordan is a certified cliffhanger. I can’t wait for House of Hades to be release, I am so into the story that it had me thinking that maybe, just maybe since I always love the sea, I am indeed daughter of Poseidon.

I am afraid of flying and anything that is related to being elevated from the Earth, which is a common fear between Percy and me. I feel powerful and unbeatable when I’m anywhere near the sea. Maybe it’s just phsycological but I am in my outmost peace when I’m near one. The sea breeze makes me calm and makes my mind clear as well. Not to brag about myself but I’m a pretty good swimmer too. It would be so nice if I can breathe underwater and make myself dry at will like Percy. I also value my friends and family which is Percy was well known. Aside from that, I don’t think I have any qualities of a Demigod. Firstly, I’m not Dyslexic which is a common trait of a Demigod, if you would consider that as their trait. They also have ADHD which explains that they’re born to fight on a battle. I can’t read and speak in Greek which Demigod can do even without having to study it. I also happen to know both of my parents, meaning my Mom and Dad, I’m positive that they’re both humans and I’m not adopted. I can’t see monsters and any weird stuff going on around me so that explains that I can’t see through the Mist which Demigods can. Most of all, I don’t have that specific smell which attracts monsters which is the reason why monsters chase Demigods all the time. So there, see? I’m not a Demigod after all. Haha! Whatever. Read the books! It’s definitely worth reading 😊


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