What’s in A Bag?

After years of blogging, yes, here’s my version of the so-called “What’s in A Bag?”. I haven’t thought of it before because I don’t have so much in my bag. Just the usual things that you would bring that’s necessary but I’ll do this anyway. Haha!

This is how my bag looks like. I’m into big bags and those pieces that’s usually black or nude in color but this is an exemption, this is a gift from my Aunt. It looks small but it’s roomy, it has three partitions inside. The middle part has a zipper so I can keep my important stuff safe since the actual bag only has a magnet button to keep it close. Funny thing is, I only keep my make up in it so it won’t mess up my other stuff.

Here’s what’s in my bag:

Wallet and Coin Purse

It seems that I have so much money to bring these along but that’s not the case! Haha! I only bring my wallet for my important cards like my health card and my IDs so they won’t be crumpled. Sometimes, I put paper bills in it so it won’t be so bulky in my coin purse.

Starbucks Tumbler

Since I am working in a call center, drinking water is an important thing because I am talking the whole time and it would make my throat dry. I could also use it for coffee so it’s two in one.

Girl things

This is not really considered Kikay stuff to begin with. I don’t usually wear make up and I only have the basic stuff. I only use my pressed powder at work, loose powder is my best friend. I have my lipstick in Celebrity Red shade and Petroleum jelly to moisturize my chappy lips. I also use Avon’s Smooth Mineral Blush because I’m so pale most of the time. There’s my pink ponytail band and last but not the least, my comb. I would bring an eyeliner once in a while when I feel so ugly. Haha! 😊

Umbrella and Fan

I can’t go out without these two. The weather in the Philippines is so unpredictable so I always make sure that I have my umbrella and fan in my bag. It would be so hot and before you know it, it will be raining.

Cigarrette Case, Cigarrette and Lighter

Yeah. I smoke. End of conversation.

My phone and headset

This is also one of those few things I can’t live without like most people do. I so love my Flare, I just bought it like a month ago and I love Hello Kitty! I usually have my USB cord together with my headset but for some reason I think I left it at home when I took these photos.

See? There’s nothing interesting in my bag. Haha! Let me know what’s in yours 😊

Penny for your thoughts? Ü

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