BFF’s Birthday Blast

Like every year my best friend Jacqui always see to it that her birthday celebration would be a blast. This year, we had an arrangement with a friend who’s co-owner, if I’m not mistaken, of a bar called Classique Bar at The Home Depot in Ortigas. It’s a weekday so we need to have the bar’s operating hours extended until five in the morning since Jacqui’s shift would end at 12 midnight. She invited our close friends from work and YES! WE HAD A BLAST! Ü

My Bestfriend Jacqui, the birthday girl

Jacqui and her hubby Don

Iris + Jade + Carla + Me Ü + Jacqui

Minus me Ü

Mickey + Emong + Jacqui + Yves + Glena + Hannah +Iris + Jade


Parang naka-multiple shots. HAHA!

And the shots begun.. Let’s spot the difference. HAHA!

Gorgeous Jadie

Hannah + Emong

I just noticed, the cocktail matches my top. HAHA! Cheers! Ü

Best Friends Forever ♥

The original plan was to just stay until five in the morning but that was forgotten. How time flies while you’re having fun! We officially called it a day at past six already. Tipsy and all. But definitely enjoyed it. More Birthdays to come BFF! I love you.. to infinity and beyond Ü

Penny for your thoughts? Ü

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