Happy 2nd Birthday to my Blog! Ü

Three days ago marked the 2nd birthday of my blog! Well, this specific blog since I have a couple of other blogs from different websites before. It has been 2 years of memories and fun! Though my stats have fluctuated this past few months, that did not bother me at all since I consider this as my public journal and it’s not like a Facebook status where you expect a viewer to like it or comment on it. I have always kept my blog posts positive since I want this to be my memory keeper; those memories that I can back read and smile. I am so over those days that I had to keep them on a notebook! Thanks for technology!

I have gathered some photos from my previous blogs which commonly depict my personality and what mostly composed my blog.

  • Adventures

I have always love the sea and kayaking on an open sea is a dream come true Ü (Our Rainy Summer Adventure)

  • Books

Reading is like food to my soul. Breaking away from my daily routines and hassles by reading is a huge stress reliever. Here’s my favorite series aside from Harry Potter Ü (I am Daughter of Poseidon)

Percy Jackson and The Olympians

  • Cooking

I just recently learned how to cook so I tried a lot of Filipino cuisine to start with. Hey! Love your own! I’m so looking forward in learning more in the future. (My 1st Tinola Ü, My First Ever Pork Sinigang Ü)

  • Parties

I’m not really into clubbing and all if that’s what you’re thinking but I wont miss it if it’s a love one’s special day like my BFF’s birthday Ü (BFF’s Birthday Blast)

  • Travels

If time and budget permits, I’d rather go traveling than sitting in my room counting flies. I love the outdoor and discovering new places at least once a year. PUSH! (Our Rainy Summer Adventure)

  • Pets

I’m so into pets though I have an allergy to fur. That’s so ironic! I just love them! These were my guinea pigs. (Saying Goodbye is the Hardest)

Guinea Pigs

  • Shopping. Shoes.

Shoes. Shoes. Shopping. Shopping. Not really considered as a shopaholic but when it comes to shoes and flats, that’s a different story. I’m not really looking for expensive stuff though.  I’m into comfort and style. Just as long as I can be comfortable and stylish with it, then it’s the best thing. (Shoes.. Shoes.., My love for footwear ♥, Great Buys)

  • Scenery and my Randomness

For others it would be just simple things but I love to take photos of all the random things that the world can offer. (Random photos of a commuter.., Something about the Clouds..)

  • Current Events

I also talked about current events specially those that’s controversial and trending on social networking sites. I’m making sure that I’m expressing my views and stand on current situations. (Cyber Crime Law in PH. Good or Bad?)CyberCrime Law

  • Yeah. Vain. Me.

And last but not the least, the Selfie Queen! HAHA! Ü Come on! Everybody has this intense love for themselves. Nowadays in particular, with our camera phones, Instagram and all those photo enhancing applications and social networking sites; no one is not guilty of selfies. HAHA! I wont provide you links of my narcissistic posts, you’ll stumble upon them if you want to browse my blog and I swear those are not hard to find. LOL!


Penny for your thoughts? Ü

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