Sprinkled with Love

I’m not really into love novels because I’m more of a fantasy/adventure reader. I love those books the like of the Percy Jackson or Harry Potter series, like I said this for the nth time. There are love angles on the PJ and HP series, but it’s so minimal that you will enjoy the adventure more. It’s more of a kick or a twist to make the story more fascinating. Lately, I’m struggling to find a good read, I created an account on Goodreads so I won’t be outdated for bestseller books. I was browsing books when I stumbled upon these books that have amazing covers. For me, a good cover add up to a book’s value contrary to the saying “Don’t judge the book by its cover.” A writer could not expect that his book will sell if he wrapped it on an old newspaper clip. Could he? Anyway, I read two sets of series this past week. Both of them were adventure/fantasy kinds of stuff, but they’re sprinkled with a great deal of love. Two totally different worlds and stories, but both thrilling and adventure packed I may say.

Anna Banks‘ book covers are so striking and beyond beautiful. That’s the first thing that I have noticed when I stumbled upon her books. I read the plot and it immediately hit me that this is one of those books that’s obviously yelling for “And they lived happily ever after..” and I love it right away, blame it to Disney. Plus the fact that I’m fascinated with mermaids and under the sea adventure since Disney made The Little Mermaid movie and it’s sequel.

The characters on these books are presented to the readers specifically and I love each one of them. I also love how the story was narrated and how the tragedies changed their lives. The story is so moving and somewhat annoying in some parts where the cliché of not-asking/talking-just-assuming are injected. Like most love stories became complicated when the characters just assume things. I love how the story did not spin around just to the main characters. There were significant characters that a reader would learn to love just by themselves. The adventure part where they learned about their amazing powers is written so well and the revelations about some of the characters are also note worthy. Those sweet moments with the characters were breathtaking! It was just so natural and nice. It will let you feel that is so nice to feel love and to love in return. The sad part was, there were scenes that’s generally predictable. Like the good versus evil characters sort of stuff, but aside from that, I definitely love the books and really looking forward to the next book which is Of Neptune. Ü

Here’s another fantasy/adventure that’s sprinkled with love. Unlike Anna Banks’ books that’s so fairytale in nature, Veronica Rossi’s series were so action packed. It’s a sci-fi kind of thing that involves a survival of the fittest twist. The covers are gorgeous and somehow intriguing. It would make you think that the books are not your usual or cliché love novels. I just so love the mysterious effect on the covers and the unpredictable plot of the story.

I also love the characters on these books especially their individual abilities, like how they are divided according to their gifts or skills and how they use it. Each of the character has this mysterious thing in them and that’s what makes me read the books more. Unlike any other love stories I’ve known, the love angles on these books are so exciting, I cannot put it into words. Seriously. You have to read the books in order for you to describe how it feels. Though I have not read the Twilight series, I can’t help imagining Bella and Edward with the main characters on these books. It’s the same fierceness in character, but Aria and Perry were way too incredible. The other characters are equally incredible with their own personalities and abilities as well. Kudos to the author on how she injected complications in between scenarios to make it more interesting for readers. I’m definitely thrilled for the 3rd book which I believed will be released next year.

Here’s the book cover for Book 3 : Into The Still Blue

Into The Still BuleI don’t want to give out spoilers for both series so you have to bear with all the cliff hanger comments I made for either. That’s what I hate for most “reviews” I’ve read. You can provide feedbacks and the likes not only for books, but movies, events etc., without giving away specific details and when I mean specific; I mean scenes, lines and even how the story turned up. I consider that everyone has different views and feelings towards each book read so I will give that to the readers.

Let me know about your views when you got to read these okay? Ü

Penny for your thoughts? Ü

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