Being creative this Halloween

I know this is a bit tinny winny late, but I so missed blogging since I haven’t blog in a while. My last blog post is exactly two months ago, I believed. Nevertheless, I’m back! 🙂

I got so many ideas to post, but I will start from spending Halloween, I guess. I have not gone at a cemetery to visit relatives who passed away because I’m kind of feeling a bit under the weather, which is so lame since my three days off from work has been approved. So there, I’m stuck watching cartoons at home. Yeah, I know it’s not really normal that you watch cartoons while everybody’s watching horror stuff.

I. Don’t. Like. Watching. Horror. Stuff. Especially. If. It’s. Halloween. I couldn’t stress it more. LOL! Nightmares are the least that I want to have. Go KungFu Panda ♥ No Halloween parties this time too so out of pure boredom, I looked for something fun to do other than watching cartoons.

I’m browsing for new apps on the Android Market and I stumbled upon this cool app where you can put make up on your face. Jaraaan! Perfect 365! 🙂

This app would not transform you to a supermodel though. If you’re thinking of altering your face to be Jennifer Lopez’s look alike then don’t download this app. This is no Adobe Photoshop. The app would just let you have choices on colors to put on your eyelids, your cheeks and your lips. It has colors for eyes like that of colored contact lenses, different volumes of lashes and brows to go too so it’s like a make up kit on an app. Hihi! 🙂

Inject my creativity here –> Since it’s Halloween, the app has this Halloween palette that would let you have that Halloween eerie look on your face. Here are some photos I made with the app. I added filters from Instagram to make them more dramatic.

The Lady Crow

The Witch

My friends told me that it could be more spooky if I don’t have that pa-cute smile on my face. Haha! 😀 Who says Halloween is just for the scary stuff when we could be spooky and beautiful at the same time? CHOS! I just thought that it could have been nice if I could give them names, but I’m currently suffering on writer’s block so I suggest that you guys give them names (That is if I have readers out there of course 🙂 ) Hit me up with names for the photos or new cool apps that’s worth a try. *For Android please 😀

Penny for your thoughts? Ü

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