DIY Nail Art

I have recently acquired this obsession in doing nail arts. I used to wear my fingernails long, but it gets uneasy soon enough so I have to cut it short. I’m really fond of doing kikay stuff, but before, I’ve left it all to the manicurist do it for me ’cause I really don’t have an idea how it works. Just weeks ago, my friend Sheika brought her nail art kit at work and everybody’s gone gaga over it. I just can’t believe how easy it was for her do it. I bought my own kit for only P35 Php and it’s like a beginner’s kit. It’s not really like those fancy nail art kits that you could buy at department stores though, but it’s a good start especially for starters like me.

The kit includes this cute tiny bottles of pixie dusts.. errr.. glitters, stars, flowers, etc. that you could use. They’re not really stickers so you need a little trick to get them stay glued on your nails. You can put them all together or just choose any, as long as your nails can have room for them. Your creativity is the limit! 🙂

This is the key for those cute stuff to stay glued. The pink tube is an actual glue that you can use to stick them. Don’t worry, it’s not a super glue that they would stay glued forever on your nails. It will just hold them for as long as you like. You can easily detach them if you wish to. It also includes a stick so you can easily fix pieces together and a nail file to keep your nails in shape.

False nails are also included. You can use the pink glue tube for these too, but I’m not really into false nails so I just kept it. Plus it doesn’t look good especially if it doesn’t fit your fingers.

For my toe nails, I chose black nail polish for the base coat. I did not use the pink glue tube for the cute stuff to stick. Instead, I applied clear nail polish and stick them before it dried out. Then, I reapplied clear nail polish to hold them. Thinking of what to put in and what to design it is the real challenge. I decided to go plain and simple since I’m still getting the hang of it. I don’t really want to make it as complicated as possible ’cause I’m afraid I’ll mess everything up. So here’s my first attempt of doing it on my own.

Yeah, I know. It’s already messed up. Not so clean eh? Come on! It’s not that bad for a starter though right? Haha! 😀 Send me links of your own DYI Nail Arts so I can try them too or you can give me tips on how to do it even better the next time. I’ll be waiting! 🙂

4 thoughts on “DIY Nail Art

  1. Yay! Love it when people start to get into Nail Art 🙂 my nails aren’t too long either – I can never do anything with them if they are!


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