Back to Blogging..

It’s been a long time indeed. The last time I posted something on here was when I swore I’ll keep this updated but failed. Again. That was November of last year. I have drafts and deleted them cause I realized they have been out-dated. I even forgot what those are about because..

Haha! Kidding. In spite of being idle for a couple of months, my life has been productive I may say. I have read a lot of books that I can’t figure out what to talk about first. I’ve been to a few places, but have taken few photos to fit a blog so I’ll skip that. I’ve learned new things and met new friends too. I have been so busy with work as well that I can’t squeeze blogging on my spare time since spare time spells reading books, browsing my favorite blogs, etc. Okay. Reasons. I am just a slackass. I slept a lot. Haha!

Well, I am not promising anything, but I’m seriously thinking about actively blogging again. Goodluck with that! 🙂

Penny for your thoughts? Ü

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