My Top Foodies on Instagram

Instagram brought me to this place wherein photography mixes with my love for food. I have been a photographer wanna be for as long as I can remember and lack for financial support on this little hobby of mine frustrates me more. Have not even had a decent camera ever so I am left to make so much out of my cheapanggang mobile phone. Thank heavens for applications wherein you can edit your photos and enhance them like a pro (That would be discuss on a different post. ).

I have met several people on Instagram whose accounts are to die for, they’re travelers and foodies. I’m dead serious about me saying that their accounts are a must browse and because of their amazing photos, my feed looks like a menu on a high end restaurant. It’s a plus that they’re actually following back and replying to comments posted on their photos. I will be just posting a couple of them, not necessarily my favorites though because believe me I had a hard time choosing among their awesome photos. Ready for their snippets? Drum roll please.. 🙂


I learned that he is a fellow Filipino who’s currently residing in California. He’s an autoCAD technician and a big eater for real. Mafia style. LOL! :))

“My only day to venture around was only right for me to find the most reviewed breakfast spot on yelp. Came across Toulouse Petit, a Cajun/creole joint. Table for one please. Chowin down on a oyster & bacon benedict.

“Found a hole-in-the-wall burger joint near the area I was working. Love me a mushroom burger on sourdough and fried mushrooms as well.”


An Asian sweetheart currently in San Diego and I think she often travels. She usually replies to all comments on her profile and she’s really sweet. I also wonder how she manages to be so petite and eat eat eat.

“Second best crab cake Benedict :)”

“Maple bacon donuts with all these cool people!!!!”


I think he’s friends with iPhoneSeeFood because there are certain occasions that they’ve gone out and posted the same food with different awesome shots of their own. Hey he’s Asian too and really have the photos that can make you drool.

“Last post of seafood from Florida. Baked mussels with wasabi mayo and smelt roe.”

“Carnitas fries > carne asada fries. I never get tired of ordering this sexy beast weekly.”


He’s a chef I believe and from his photos, I can tell that he’s an awesome one. You may visit his own website for delicious recipes of the photos he posted on Instagram _> GoCookYourself

“Butchers Boy Breakfast. Blood Sausage and Poached Eggs on top of buttered crumpets.”

“Working on a new Croc Monster for the blog”


This guy is also Asian and I think he’s from Malaysia but is currently in Sydney. His photos are so crisp I can taste them. LOL!

“Ribs and Burgers Combo! 🐷🍔 Lamb Ribs Marinated, Slow Cooked for 8 Hours, Grilled and Caramelized | Chicken Burger | Lamb Burger Lamb ribs was so tender it melted in my mouth! 😍😻 #so good by Ribs & Burgers, Bondi”

“Gelato! 😋 Strawberry & Balsamic Vinegar 🍓 by Cow & The Moon”


Another Asian on my list here but I’m not pretty sure. I just thought he is because of his name and he’s from L.A. I swear his photos make me wanna try them all.

“Spring Street Smoke House”

"Sony Pictures Main Street"

“Sony Pictures Main Street”


I just newly stumbled upon this account and their page is also a must see. They’re a pair of awesome girls who travel and eat a lot. Guess what? They’re Asians too. LOL! From Hongkong and currently in Sydney if I’m not mistaken.

"CNY Buffalo Wings - not entirely sure how this constitutes as buffalo's more like fried chicken with honey soy"

“CNY Buffalo Wings – not entirely sure how this constitutes as buffalo wings…it’s more like fried chicken with honey soy”

"Standard Breakfast - bacon, eggs, tomato and toast 🍴"

“Standard Breakfast – bacon, eggs, tomato and toast 🍴”

You feeling hungry? I bet you are after all that. I am actually learning techniques on how they took their photos. Maybe I can post some of my own in the future, I need to practice more for now. There you go. My top foodie Instagram accounts. It’s only a coincidence that most of them are Asians, their accounts just happened to be there when I was browsing.  Maybe you could share some of your favorites too so I can check them out. 🙂

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