Trying on Snapseed..

I’m recently inspired to do street and food photography after meeting an awesome friend, Jermaine, via Instagram, Whopianomedia. I swear his feed is truly amazing. I have also featured his Instagram account on one of my recent posts, My Top Foodies on Instagram, so I must say that he inspired me a lot really. After trying out so many applications to enhance my photos, I have stumbled upon an application that he is also using, Snapseed. I’m not pretty sure if Snapseed has been in the business for long because I would definitely feel a whole lot of loser if I just came across with it. It’s a pain in the A at first since I’m clueless on how to use it, but then as cliche as it is.. practice makes perfect. Well, not really perfect since I’m still getting the hang of it.

I have tried it on food shots:

I think the quality of the photos are getting better as I learned how to play with the app. Mind you, my phone’s camera is only on 5MP, but not to blow my own horn, the photos came clearer than what I’m expecting when I’m done editing. Not as good as Jermaine’s though, but I think it would definitely pass for starters. Believe me, it doesn’t look like that when I captured it because of my crappy phone. I should have posted the original photos, but sadly, I deleted them off my phone afterwards.

I also tried it on street photography and I can say that I enjoyed it more:

1 2 3 4Snapseed make photos more vibrant looking and more crisp depends on how you play with it. It’s a matter of creativity to make simple photos breathtaking. It doesn’t matter if you have high end cameras or not, it’s the eye for ingenuity. As for me, yeah, had a hard time, but still learning. The sunrise photo is my personal favorite. I already feel like a pro. Haha! Kidding.

I have come across these Snapseed tutorials, you might find it useful.

Or you can follow my Instagram account for more of my photos. Hihi! 🙂 *NYZEXXIX ❤

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