Certified Baconatics

I woke up today feeling utterly craving for bacon. I can eat bacon forever. I once watched a television program called The United States of Food with Chef Todd Fisher, I think, featuring a special episode where he traveled around the United States and tried dishes having bacon to be the main ingredient. That’s the first thing that came into my mind. How I remember drooling while watching it. Just recalling it makes me want to drool again. Like bacon had me hypnotized. This is so unreal.

Don’t mind the premiere time because I believe the premiere of this TV show was July of 2012, if I’m not mistaken. I’m not pretty sure if this is still being aired on TLC.

  • He’d gone to Slaters 50/50 in Huntington Beach, California and tried their famous B’ B’ B’ Bacon

It has 100% bacon patty, ground up beef-style grilled on an open flame, a pile of bacon, toasted fresh bacon pretzel bun, layers of bacon American cheese, a sunny side up egg and tapped with creamy bacon island dressing. The burger is impaled with a steak knife so you can slice it up since I’m not certain how it will fit your mouth. Oh. God. Heaven.

  • He learned how New York’s Crif Dogs make their famous bacon-wrapped hotdogs

Deep fried dogs wrapped in bacon, covered with avocado and sour cream. Adding salsa is optional so you can skip it if you don’t want that. They also have a version that comes with chili coleslaw and jalapenos on top. Oh my! Really mouth watering!

  • He halted traffic and had a taste test of the Bacon Grilled Cheese from the famous truck of all, Bacon Bacon Truck in San Francisco

Melted cheese, a pile of bacon and filled with Bacon jam in a toast. Bacon jam is the real deal. Who wouldn’t want that baby right there?

  • He visited the homegrown hangout, AJ Bombers for their Barrie Burger in Milwaukee

This is not your usual bacon sandwich since it is made up of chunky peanut butter, American cheese and a bed of bacon. I’m not into peanut butter but it looks like it’s a must try though.

  • Todd tried Wingharts Burger and Whiskey Bar in Pittsburgh for their famous Winghart-Attack Pizza and Beer Cheese Funnel Cake

Homemade chili topped with spicy crumpled bacon, hand-cut fries and smothered with cheddar cheese.

Beer cheese and bacon? Like seriously? Just a dish made in heaven.

  • He can’t just skip going to Frank’s Diner in Kenosha, Wisconsin for their famous monstrous Garbage Platter

This is exploding with a lot of goodies on it. With eggs, hash browns, green peppers, onions, optional jalapenos, and a choice of five meats (ham, bacon, sausage, SPAM “scratch-made” corned beef hash, or chorizo), five cheeses (American, Cheddar, Swiss, pepper jack, or mozzarella), plus toast (house baked wheat, white, rye, or cinnamon swirl). I want this. Like right about now.

  • Dessert of course is a must. Todd found it in The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck, New York

Two of my most favorite things. Chocolate ice cream & caramelized bacon sandwiched between two chocolate wafer cookies. Talking about comfort food. Yeah!

Those are just some of Chef Todd’s Bacon adventure in this TV show, there’s a lot more. I envy him so much because of this. If ever I’ll have the chance in traveling, I’ll check out all of those restaurants and food joints on his bucket list. I won’t miss a single bacon experience. So so crazy about bacon. Haha! Perhaps you could share some of your bacon adventures too. Recipes, restaurant reviews and what not. Let me drool on them 😀


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