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Lost in Babylon (Seven Wonders #2)

The adventure continues as Jack and his friends travel to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon in the pulse-pounding second title in the Seven Wonders series

With Marco gone and the first Loculus lost, Jack, Cass, and Ally are no closer to saving themselves (or the world) than when they first arrived at the Karai Institute. But when Bhegad tracks down Marco deep in the desert, the kids are off on the next leg of their quest-to the ancient city of Babylon. There the kids find themselves faced with a daunting choice that makes them question everything they’ve learned so far. It’s a gut wrenching decision, but what the kids don’t realize is that it’s also a trap. Surprises pile on surprises until a long-lost figure from Jack’s past returns, and the kids find themselves forced to engineer an escape that might just turn out to be a different kind of trap altogether.


I have set this aside for so long, this was published the 29th of October, 2013, just because I didn’t enjoy the first book (The Colossus Rises (Seven Wonders #1)) that much. I’ve read reviews about Lost in Babylon so I got curious. A lot of reviews confirmed that this is way better that the first so I thought I’ll give it a shot. Some even shared my sentiments about the first book so I think my review was quite accurate.These are some of the reviews I’ve read:

I actually loved this book. I didn’t expect to, since I was a bit ‘meh’ on the first book in this series, but this one was just so… so… I don’t even know. Spectacular. — Waffle Writer

I’m glad I decided to give the series another chance, because this book was much better than the first filled with friendship, betrayal, and a plot twist that will want you to read the next book. — Cori Edgerton

Yet, there are still some that somehow not impressed by the series.

Where do I start? Ummmm. Half of the book, I didn’t quite get the thing. All those weird ancient Babylonian (or should I say, Bab-Ilum) terms I’m not buying. I mean, it was hard to remember who was who because of the freakishly weird names like Nabu-na’id or Ka-Dingir-ra. Points for authenticness though. Also, what kind of a creature is a mushushu. Just sharing. Haha. — Zemon

The second book kind of skipped over a lot of the humour and focused on the weightier, more predictable subject matter, which is about where I lost it. — Tony Graff

The first one confused me a lot so I’m expecting that there would be a lot of explaining included on this. I have read a couple of pages already and I’m getting hook so far. Hopefully, it will be a good read after all. Review to follow. Happy reading to me 🙂

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