Tagaytay’s Sky Ranch : Birthday Trip I

I have ditched books for the meantime, geared in with my camera and explored the beautiful city of Tagaytay for our birthday. Yes, our birthday. Mint and I shares the same birth date so celebrating it every year makes it extra special. It’s like we were twins from different moms. Destiny huh? 😊 Anyway, our friends were supposed to come along with us, but due to recent unfortunate events they weren’t able to so only Mint and I prepared for our little adventure.

Since we haven’t been to Tagaytay, planning our itinerary is quite thrilling. I have searched blogs to have an effective one and really hoping we could make it possible. We only planned to spend an entire day so we would want to go as many places as we could. Luckily, I stumbled upon LakadPilipinas‘s blog and got myself an idea on where to go. We were so excited about the trip we only slept a couple of hours before we left home early in the morning avoiding rush hour. Took a bus from Coastal Mall to Tagaytay City’s proper and rode a jeepney to our first stop.

Our first stop: Sky Ranch 😊

Sky Ranch is a mini amusement park and like any other, they have rides like Ferris Wheel, Merry-Go-Round, Nessi Coaster, etc. They also have horseback riding and zip line to complete the adventure. It’s a five hectare property beside Taal Vista Hotel along Aguinaldo Highway in Tagaytay.

The entrance to Sky Ranch is only Php50 which was a surprised, but if you want to take rides you need to pay for them separately. These are in Philippine Peso:

Sky Ranch Ticket Prices

  • Sky Eye – 150
  • Carousel – 50
  • Super Viking – 100
  • Express Train – 50
  • Red Baron  – 50
  • Wonder Flight – 50
  • Mini Viking – 50
  • Nessi Coaster – 50

The view from Sky Ranch is breathtaking, overlooking the majestic Taal Volcano and lower Batangas. Everything is so picturesque, it’s unbelievable. It’s like you’re staring into someone’s painting. I can’t even believe my eyes.

I’ve come to realized most rides were like for kids so we opted out. We even opted out for the horseback riding as the line was unbelievably long and zip line is CRAZY. It’s so high and was stretched the length of the amusement park; I’ve imagined having a heart attack while hanging in mid air, but we couldn’t skip Sky Eye. NO. Sky Eye is the tallest Ferris Wheel in the Philippines at 63 meters, that’s 207 feet with 32 gondolas. It’s a good thing that each gondola is air conditioned and playing some relaxing music.

I am no fan of extreme sports, amusement park rides and the likes for I have fear of heights so my hands and knees were shaking when we lined up to ride. Mint told me to enjoy the fascinating view so I won’t get scared and he also dropped the most famous line.. “Don’t look down.”




The ride was generally cold and I think it’s because the gondola is air conditioned or I’m just pretty anxious? Ha! Ha! The view from there was beyond amazing! I’m unable to take photos from the gondola for the windows were made of plastic so photos tend to be blurry. I have enjoyed the Sky Eye ride and I swear I would do it again.

After our ride of the Sky Eye, we decided to continue to our second stop since rain clouds were already brewing up north. We would like to enjoy as much before Rain decided to join our adventure.

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