Mahogany Market’s Bulalo : Birthday Trip III

We left Sonya’s Garden with hungry tummies so as we’ve initially planned, we’ll indulge to the most famous dish in town. Yes to Bulalo (Beef Shanks or Bone Marrow Soup)! It’s a Filipino dish wherein beef shanks and marrow bones are boiled until the fat has melted into the clear broth or soup. Not healthy eh? Trying sinful food once in while won’t hurt. 😉

Again. We really didn’t have an idea where to get the best one so with the help of locals, we decided to check out Mahogany Market. At first, we considered trying Leslie’s since that’s a known place for trying out Bulalo in Tagaytay, but I’ve read blogs that it tends to be pricey and there were a lot of places where you could get the same taste for a much affordable price.

From Sonya’s we took a jeepney ride to Tagaytay’s Rotunda, only to find out that we should’ve taken the jeepneys taking left from Sky Ranch so it was like we have gone in circles. By the time we’ve found Mahogany Market, we were already famished. We’ve squeezed ourselves through the throng of people shopping and just plainly strolling around. Since it is literally a market, a lot of people were to be expected. The market was lined with stalls to try Bulalo, but I’m looking for a specific stall which I’ve read from a blog (reading blogs is so useful! 😊)

It is not your usual fine dining so don’t expect much. It is situated in front of a parking lot, tables and chairs were strategically placed in front of each stall so it is not on an air conditioned place. Good thing is, there were girls who attended to our needs when we were already seated.

It is a big bowl of goodness! I was not expecting it to be that huge. It smelled so appetizing! The bowl included cubed beef meat that’s so tender, you wouldn’t need a fork to cut it in small pieces. It has a big bone where you could pull a mouthful of beef fat that’s so yummy, but I think it’s bad to those people with hyper tension because of its high dose of cholesterol. It has vegetables and the soup? To die for. I devoured it instantly. Ha! Ha! We also ordered little fried Tawilis or Freshwater Sardinella. It is so crispy, you could eat it on its own. With the head, fish bones and tail. We’ve ordered four rice and ended up so stuffed.


We paid Php350 for the bowl of Bulalo and Php100 worth of fried Tawilis. Fried Tawilis is priced for Php120 per order, but since the bowl is good for 3-4 persons already we preferred to have it at that worth so we could finish it all. They also offered free coffee and bananas, but we opted not to enjoy that anymore for we were already chock-full. Mint and I enjoyed the food. A lot. We will definitely go back for another round of their mouthwatering Bulalo.

The only issue I had is with the girls who were attending to customers. The moment we have paid for what we ate, we stood and fixed our things so we could go. I was not aware that a customer was supposed to leave a tip after because considering the place though the food is beyond good, a tip would not be necessary. I heard comments from them about us not giving them tips. Please. Aside from that, the experience is great.

Unfortunately, after lunch the rain seems to be brewing pretty fast. Gray clouds were gathering rapidly and it started to rain. It saddened me that we need to end our adventure the minute the rain had started pouring. The places we have included on our itinerary included trekking the trail at the Picnic Grove and it would not be a good idea when it’s raining so we decided to call it a day and go home. We’d swore that we’ll finish our itinerary next time and hopefully, it won’t rain. In spite of that, we had a blast! Absolutely a day to remember and hey thanks for all the birthday greetings. Those are truly appreciated. I love you guys! Till our next adventure.. 💕

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Note: Please excuse the dates on the photos, I forgot to fix the settings on the camera. Teehee 😊

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