Sonya’s Garden, Tagaytay : Birthday Trip II

This is just a continuation of our little birthday trip in Tagaytay. Our 2nd stop was the famous Sonya’s Garden. Were clueless on how to get there so we have sought help from security officers at the Sky Ranch. They’re so accommodating and there’s this certain security officer who have gone an extra mile and called their headquarters for directions. She was so nice! Too bad I didn’t get her name.

So, we took a jeepney ride bound to Nasugbu, Batangas from Sky Ranch to Sonya’s Garden. That was a long drive. I thought it was just nearby so I was little surprised. I think it took us fifteen minutes when the driver finally called our attention that we have arrived on our destination. He told us that we still need to take a tricycle and they would drop us off in front of the garden. It was Php30 fare for both us. We have noticed that only a few tricycle were passing by on that specific street so we settled to talk to the driver and have him pick us up after an hour.

Sonyas Garden

We were a little curious as to why the parking lot was packed with awesome cars and there’s even a Ferrari parked nearby. A lot of people were engaged in conversation and it’s pretty obvious that everybody knows everyone. Then, I came to check the garden’s signage and there’s the answer to my puzzled thoughts. There’s a wedding that will be held inside later that afternoon. At first, we were reluctant to push through with exploring it, thinking that the entire place would be exclusively for the guests, but still decided to carry on with it. We found out that half of the place was restricted for all those who were not invited so there were limited spots to explore, but still we were thrilled.

The first thing that we have noticed is the mouthwatering aroma coming from somewhere. It is the smell of early morning when your Mom is doing her magic in the kitchen. Knowing me as a breakfast person, trust me, I know and I love that smell. We found where the aroma was coming from, a vintage bakery right after the way in.




I bought two peanut butter for Php80 each and a pack of Bacon and Cheese Roll in 6 pieces for Php120. The rolls were divine! I wanted to try their famous Cheese Hopia as well, but there were a lot of people crowding in so we settled for what we have bought initially.

Right after we left the bakery, we have agreed to explore the garden. Everywhere you turn your head to were green. Everywhere. It’s a refreshing feeling to be at close to nature. We have gone to an alley that smelled so wonderful, it smelled like flowers in full bloom. Everywhere I have laid my eyes to were photo shoot worthy and there were also souvenir shops in country style.






I’ve enjoyed exploring the garden though there were still a lot to discover. If only the other half of the place is not restricted so I’m definitely coming back. Hopefully, I could check their Sensuous Spa, the restaurant, etc. Anyway, I felt so sorry with the tricycle driver we have talked to and settled with in picking us up in an hour as we have not stayed that long to wait for him. Yes. We hailed a different tricycle and hey it was so nice of him to give us our change back. We initially paid him Php30, assuming that it’s the same fare like when we were taken to the garden, but he gave us back our Php10 and told us that it would only be Php20 on our way out. Hooray for him!

After all those traveling and exploring, as if on cue, I heard my stomach rumbled. It’s definitely time for our favorite part of this adventure. FOOD TRIP! Check it here:

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Check out the first part of our adventure here ..

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Disclaimer: The first photo is not mine. I forgot to take a photo of the signage so I googled one.


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