Book Cover Update: The Blood of Olympus

I have recently learned that the UK cover for The Blood of Olympus is revealed by Uncle Rick dated the 26th of June 2014 and it’s so awesome. He also confirmed that he posted it because he actually like it. That’s good, knowing that the UK covers are not really his favorite.

It’s pretty amazing. How everyone has grown up on the cover. Finally, got a glimpse of what Mother Gaea looks like. Really getting so excited for this book to be released. Still a long wait until October though. Anyway, I’m torn in deciding which one is my favorite. Maybe you could help me with that. You can cast your vote on the cover you like best. Here are the covers for your reference:

US Cover     +     UK Cover

Let me know what you think. VOTE NOW!



2 thoughts on “Book Cover Update: The Blood of Olympus

  1. The one question I’d like to have answered is this: who the heck is that person with the green eyes at the bottom of the UK cover? It’s obviously not Percy, there are seven at the top. So who is it? One of the other Poseidon/Neptune kids Poseidon told Percy about?

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