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Spell Bound (Hex Hall #3)

Hailed as “impossible to put down,” the Hex Hall series has both critics and teens cheering. With a winning combination of romance, action, magic and humor, this third volume will leave readers enchanted.

Just as Sophie Mercer has come to accept her extraordinary magical powers as a demon, the Prodigium Council strips them away. Now Sophie is defenseless, alone, and at the mercy of her sworn enemies—the Brannicks, a family of warrior women who hunt down the Prodigium. Or at least that’s what Sophie thinks, until she makes a surprising discovery. The Brannicks know an epic war is coming, and they believe Sophie is the only one powerful enough to stop the world from ending. But without her magic, Sophie isn’t as confident.

Sophie’s bound for one hell of a ride—can she get her powers back before it’s too late?



I am so excited about reading this because of the intense cliffhanger from Demon Glass. It’s a good thing that I got all three books before I started reading or I might go looney. The cliffhangers are just so insane. It’s a relief that Spell Bound picked up where Demon Glass left off ’cause I’ll definitely freak out if it will have some silly segue to get this started.

Anyway, make way for good reviews:

I loved this book as much as the other two. I was stressed out that it would either have a crap ending like the Fallen series or be too cheesy happy. But no, I thought it was perfect. We need more sarcastic leads in books. Sophie and Archer ftw. ♥ Also, still no cat by the end of book three. So the cat on the covers is still perplexing.


This action-packed thriller is such a hard book to put down, I cried at the end. The ending was sort of sad, but I was sad that the series was over. It pulls you into a place where there are fairies, vampires, werewolves, and witches/warlocks. This is an AMAZING book/series, and needs more books!


I’m so sad to have finished the series but I know that I will visit Hex Hall again. I am always trying to find great books for reluctant junior high students and I know for fact I have just found a series and an author that will help me accomplish my dream. Turning reluctant readers into avid readers which will lead to life long readers. I see wonderful and great things for Rachel Hawkins. Great story, great characters, great time!!!

Leslee Anderson

Here are some of the one star reviews:

This book was absolutely terrible. It was predictable and dull as French toast stale–i can write something like this is under twenty four hours . . . not stimulating. I felt like I should just rewrite this and nail it to the author and say ‘sweetheart this is how your supposed to write this.


I liked the 1st book in this series, so I thought I would like the last two books as well. Didn’t happen. I have to admit that the plot in the first book was… so-so… but I liked Sophie and her sarcasm that I enjoyed reading it. However, the story in the latter part of the series became increasingly clichéd that even Sophie’s quips couldn’t save the series for me.


I found it disappointing… The characters have no depth. And at times i feel their identities are so alike that i’d start thinking the characters were lumped as per gender and age bracket, and the category they’re in decides how they speak and how they act so when two teen-girls talk they sound the same. Good thing, the book tells you who’s speaking… Otherwise, you’d think its only one person talking to herself.


So.. I’m still excited. Ha! Ha! Anyway, I’m already in Chapter 12 as of writing and I’m liking it so far. Feeling sad though since this is the last installment of the series. Definitely going to watch out for books from Rachel Hawkins. Book review to follow. Happy Reading to me!

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