Book Review: Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods

A publisher in New York asked me to write down what I know about the Greek gods, and I was like, Can we do this anonymously? Because I don’t need the Olympians mad at me again. But if it helps you to know your Greek gods, and survive an encounter with them if they ever show up in your face, then I guess writing all this down will be my good deed for the week.’ So begins Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods, in which the son of Poseidon adds his own magic–and sarcastic asides–to the classics. He explains how the world was created, then gives readers his personal take on a who’s who of ancients, from Apollo to Zeus. Percy does not hold back. ‘If you like horror shows, blood baths, lying, stealing, backstabbing, and cannibalism, then read on, because it definitely was a Golden Age for all that.’ Dramatic full-color illustrations throughout by Caldecott Honoree John Rocco make this volume–a must for home, library, and classroom shelves–as stunning as it is entertaining.



My my my.. Uncle Rick did it again. Honestly, I’ve read tons of books about mythology and despite of loving the idea, a reader would need a lot of patience on a regular myth book since most of them are confusing. This book made mythology an easy read and not just easy, it’s so freaking hilarious. I can’t remember how many times I literally laugh out loud. I really love the book. The illustrations are so gorgeous. Kudos to John Rocco! His illustrations are so well done. He is one brilliant artist!

The book talks about the Olympian Gods and some minor gods in between and I was so fudging surprised about all the things I’ve learned. I thought I knew enough about them, but still.. color me surprised! I already knew that they’re bunch of crazy freaks, but reading about their specific foolishness really gross me out. Especially their hobby of swallowing their babies

“I mean, five gods in one stomach–dang. That’s enough for doubles tennis, including a ref. They’d been down there so long, they were probably hoping Kronos would swallow down a deck of cards or a Monopoly game.”

and marrying relatives. Eww. Yeah. As Percy said, you really need to bare with that since there were limited options for a wife or a husband back then.

“You’re already married!” Hera protested. “To me!”
“Curses!” said Zeus. “Er, I mean, of course, dear.”

Speaking of Percy’s POV. Oh how I’ve missed him and his witty antics. I love how Percy discussed this in a funny and easy way that kids would be able to imagine them well. The names of the chapters are so funny too. I mean, this is just amazing and humorous. I’m really recommending this for mostly all ages. Here’s Uncle Rick being so proud of his masterpiece:

“Me, I’m late to meet my girlfriend. Annabeth is going to kill me.
Hope you enjoyed the stories. Stay safe out there, demigods.
Peace from Manhattan,
Percy Jackson”

Definitely worth a five star. 5 STARnyze

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