I’ve won an ARC! Yahooo! ♥

Remember when I put up a Waiting on Wednesday post about the book Zodiac by Romina Russell? I’ve joined a giveaway on Facebook by Book People and really wishing I could win since I don’t consider myself lucky in any way when it comes to raffles, giveaways and the like. So just today, I decided to check Book People’s page as they announced that they have already picked the winners for the giveaway and it will be posted on their Facebook page’s wall. It’s like an answered prayer. Ha! Ha!


Oh. My. God. This is first in my reading history that I’ve won something! I can’t contain my happiness that I feel the need to post this here and all my social networking site accounts. A friend even doubted if the giveaway is legit since it’s asking for a credit card information for the shipping fee as I’m living outside of US. I have this feeling that this is something legit though. I’m so excited! For now, I’m still waiting for the reply with a message I sent them asking how much would the shipping cost be.


This also warms my heart. Aww! Romina Russell personally replied to my WOW tweet.

She even favorited and retweeted it. ♥

Authors hardly do this, especially is they’re too busy with up coming books, tour and stuff so I really think she deserves this post. More power to her and I’m really looking forward in reading Zodiac and posting a book review. 😀



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