Currently Reading #21

Gates of Thread and Stone

In the Labyrinth, we had a saying: keep silent, keep still, keep safe.

In a city of walls and secrets, where only one man is supposed to possess magic, seventeen-year-old Kai struggles to keep hidden her own secret—she can manipulate the threads of time. When Kai was eight, she was found by Reev on the riverbank, and her “brother” has taken care of her ever since. Kai doesn’t know where her ability comes from—or where she came from. All that matters is that she and Reev stay together, and maybe one day move out of the freight container they call home, away from the metal walls of the Labyrinth. Kai’s only friend is Avan, the shopkeeper’s son with the scandalous reputation that both frightens and intrigues her.

Then Reev disappears. When keeping silent and safe means losing him forever, Kai vows to do whatever it takes to find him. She will leave the only home she’s ever known and risk getting caught up in a revolution centuries in the making. But to save Reev, Kai must unravel the threads of her past and face shocking truths about her brother, her friendship with Avan, and her unique power.



I’m so excited that I’m reading this at last. Finally. I’ve started reading it and in fact the book excites me to read more. Love the idea that the main character is a time manipulator. Hmm.. I will just leave all my thoughts for the book review. Anyway, I’ve read so many good reviews and some of the not so good reviews too which really broke my heart.

Let’s have the good reviews first:

Awesome! This story was, though set in a dystopian world, for all intends and purposes, very real. The characters are very well rounded and you really get to know them as to me is a characteristic of a good book. I like how complicated this story gets, especially towards the end. because that again, makes it more real. Nothing is ever easy in life either.


This is a spectacular post-apocalyptic fantasy! It has magic, action, romance, mythology and plenty of surprises. It would actually make a really cool anime series, so anime fans should check this one out. I enjoyed this a lot. I’m also exhausted because I stayed up way past my bedtime to finish it. I had to! A full review is on the way. Sorry if I’m not making much sense. I’m so sleepy.

Michelle Rebar

When I read the synopsis of Gates of Thread and Stone, I was really excited. Plus, I mean, that cover is just so beautiful and eye-catching, right? Between the cover and synopsis, I had extremely high hopes for Gates of Thread and Stone, and I’m thrilled to say it lived up to my expectations. This book drew me in from the first page and held my attention right to the last page. It was gripping, exciting, mysterious, and well written, with a tightly woven, inventive plot.


and the not so good reviews last:

I thought this was going to be fantasy, not romance. And interesting, not boring. But this book was about 90% romantic angst; and boring romantic angst at that. The “heroine” was prudish to the point that even thinking about a kiss made her blush… I just lost interest so quickly that I’m amazed I managed to force myself through. I will say that the last quarter is marginally better than the rest but it wasn’t enough to rescue the book, in my opinion. So disappointed.

Emily May

Loved the beginning of this book. Very sci fi, interesting world. Story was hijacked by a terrible romance and romantic leads who BORED ME TO DEATH.

Shane Smith

I first opened the book last night. I read about 20 pages before I got the urge to watch a film. That ain’t right. If a book’s good, I do NOT have movie watching urges.


To be honest, I only found FIVE one star rating posts on Goodreads and it really pained me to see Emily on the list. I am amaze on how she’s doing her book reviews and seeing her listed there is a major kick. I didn’t actually read her entire review. I want to read the book first and will try to convince myself that she liked it. Then, I’ve read this:

Yes, it does sound great! But then I read Emily May’s review and guess what happened to my eagerness and the wish to read this book? It was trampled to the mud. DEEP in the mud. Couple of weeks later I had an epiphany. What if my opinion and hers are not the same. What if I happen to love Gates of Thread and Stone? So I decided to give it a go.

This is an excerpt from Jane’s review and apparently, she also didn’t like it. That’s one major concern for me, but I’ll still give it a chance especially that I’m currently on Chapter 15 and I’m truly liking it so far. I’ll also look out for those things that they didn’t like so I won’t have a biased review. Book review to follow, but for now..

Happy reading to me! 😀


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