Book Review: Crown of Ice

Name: Crown of Ice
Vicki L. Weavil
Number of Pages:
300 in Paperback
September 9th 2014
by Month9Books
Fantasy, Young Adult, Fairytale, Retelling, Romance


“Thyra Winther’s seventeen, the Snow Queen, and immortal, but if she can’t reassemble a shattered enchanted mirror by her eighteenth birthday she’s doomed to spend eternity as a wraith. Armed with magic granted by a ruthless wizard, Thyra schemes to survive with her mind and body intact. Unencumbered by kindness, she kidnaps local boy Kai Thorsen, whose mathematical skills rival her own. Two logical minds, Thyra calculates, are better than one. With time rapidly melting away she needs all the help she can steal. A cruel lie ensnares Kai in her plan, but three missing mirror shards and Kai’s childhood friend, Gerda, present more formidable obstacles. Thyra’s willing to do anything – venture into uncharted lands, outwit sorcerers, or battle enchanted beasts — to reconstruct the mirror, yet her most dangerous adversary lies within her breast. Touched by the warmth of a wolf pup’s devotion and the fire of a young man’s desire, the thawing of Thyra’s frozen heart could be her ultimate undoing.”



In all honesty, I haven’t read The Snow Queen or watch Disney’s Frozen. I’ve only read reviews of this book before reading it so I could have an idea of what to expect. Plus the movie’s soundtrack went viral. I have my own share of moments when that song lingered on my head for about a week. To my surprise, not only kids sing it. Also those young at heart. 🙂 Anyway, as I’ve mentioned on my Book Beginning post, readers were torn though. Some loved it. Some didn’t. Which I perfectly understand. I can’t just bring myself to actually hate a fairy tale. Being a sucker for fairy tales, I grabbed this, sat in a corner (literally like some looney) and the world around me faded away.

The writing is quite simple. This won’t make your head ache. A kid could actually read this on his own or a Mom during bedtime stories (minus the kissing/killing parts of course). That’s how easy this read is. I was taken back when I was a little kid, reading fairy tales under my sheets with a flashlight so I could see. 🙂 The world building is okay, I guess. Well, it’s an ice castle so what would you expect aside from snow and ice? Nothing really note worthy about it aside from the wraiths since the story was mostly situated either at the ice castle or somewhere in the mountain covered with what else? Snow. 😀 The plot actually drags in some parts, but it’s okay. Tolerable. It’s like waves lapping on a shore really, it will pull back then eventually crash the beach again. So much for my metaphor. There are also three things that I had a hard time moving on. Like how Kai have easily forgiven Thyra for what she did. They’re fighting a minute, exchanging hurtful words (tears included) then the next minute, they’re okay. Considering  the gravity of what she’s done. Not convincing. Mael Voss’ whereabouts is a mystery. I have figured (I think) that’s he’s spending his time pursuing Sephia and making peace with her. That’s my imagination right there or it was mentioned in the book and I just didn’t notice? Lastly, how Mael died is trouble-free. I would have wanted a total bad ass fight between him and Thyra, but unfortunately there was none so I was a little disappointed. The romance part is very subtle. Amazingly done. Gradually and not forced so I like it. Finally, I love how it ended. Not your usual “and they live happily ever after” scenario. I just love it. 😀

Let’s move on with the characters since this is the amazing part. The POV is with the Snow Queen, Thyra Winther (Have you noticed the letter H that keeps your tongue sticking out when you pronounce it? 😀 ). I love her character. In truth, she’s a lonely girl. Masked in a cold aura because she has to appear tough given the situation she’s in. She’s willing to do anything to not suffer the fate of the previous queens. She has this mantra whenever something sad or emotional came up:

“This does not touch me. Such words hold no power. Let them fade. Let it go.”

Moving on. Kai is such a determined and brilliant guy. I admire his passion and devotion to the task at hand. Too bad, it didn’t turn out good for him in spite of the hard work he’s done. Gerda on the other hand does have a big heart. Bordering to naive and somehow stupid (not to mention annoying at times 😀 ). They have two faithful animal friends (I don’t want to refer to them as pets BTW). The talking reindeer Bae and the adorable wolf Luki. I really love both them! There are other interesting characters that you would meet too. Like Sephia and Holger. The characters are presented really well for readers to love.

recommI recommend this for all of those fairy tale lovers out there. I assure you, this is so Disney with an amazing twist. A feel good book with lessons to learn. This should fall under middle grade though.

ratingI could have given it a five star, if it not from the issues I highlighted.

4 Starsnyze


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