One Lovely Blog Award!

One Lovely Blog Award

Emalie of the Book Gatherer nominated me on this. I’m so flattered though I don’t think I have a lovely blog, but thank you babe! 😀 I’m feeling extra creative today so I’ve made this button just for this tag. Isn’t it cute? 😉

So here’s how it works:
-link the person who nominated you
-blog the rules and present the award
-write 7 facts about you
-nominate 7 other bloggers

Seven Facts About Me

1.  I hate airplane rides. I prefer taking a ship, ferry or anything afloat. Why? ‘Cause I’m Poseidon’s daughter so I’m Percy’s sister. Kidding 🙂 Simple. When the airplane decided to crash.. I can’t fly. When the ship decided to sink.. Hell Yeah! I can swim. Olympic Athlete Style. Hahaha! I think that’s a pretty basic logic.

2. I prefer flops than wearing shoes. It’s a good thing that I’m living in a tropical country or that would be a problem. I don’t even have heels, but I have a total of more or less 50 flops and still counting. Can’t have enough. 🙂

3. Can’t sleep without a blanket wrap around my legs. I don’t care if it’s 50 degrees outside, but I’m not sleeping without it.

4. Porcelain dolls are a No! No! They look real and scary. It feels like it’s observing or following whatever I’m doing. I even cried when I found one at my Aunt’s old house. It’s so creepy! So if you want me to hate you forever, send one.

5. Allergic to furs, especially cats so I prefer loving Hello Kitty. No furs and oh co cute! I have a small collection of Hello Kitty stuff BTW. 🙂

6. I used to write love novels in 6th Grade. When I realized I still got them, I almost screamed in humiliation and there they went to the trash. I can’t believe I wrote them. So incredibly horrible!

7. I just recently learned how to cook. Imagine living my life with take outs before. So unhealthy. I enjoy experimenting new recipes or doing old ones with a twist. My husband’s always the victim of my scary taste tests. He would say it’s good then spew without me looking. (OMG! True love!) Of course I knew. When I tried to eat it? I spewed too. Hahahaha! 😀

Here are my nominations

Claudia of This is my Soul Called Life

Lexxie of Unconventional Book Views

Jorie of Jorie’s Reads

 Diana of Brilliantly Novel

Alysia of My Little Pocketbooks

Lori of Romancing the Dark Side

Naomi of Nomis Paranormal Palace

I had fun and I hope my nominees will have fun too.
I would love to know more about you guys and hoping to be one of your FBFs. 🙂


10 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award!

  1. Congratulations on the nomination! You totally deserve it! And thank you so much for considering my blog for a “Lovely Award.” _<

    4. Porcelain dolls? Yeah right! I hardly ever played with dolls. I was more into comic books and video games growing up 🙂

    5. I have a deadly allergic reaction to cats. No, seriously, I break out into hives, and I come down with sudden asthma attacks; my boys do too :/

    6. I have always enjoyed writing poetry and short stories. I still do. Sometimes.

    7. I enjoy cooking when I am in the mood. Which is basically never. Well, okay, I kid, I enjoy cooking on special occasions 😉

  2. Okay, for some odd reason, my comment was cut off :/ Here’s the other half 😉

    1. Although I know that Superman would be there for an airplane rescue, I hate traveling by airplanes too! No thanks!

    2. I don’t own any pair of high heels either. I’m more of a flats type of gal 😉

    3. I can’t fall asleep without having my feet covered! I have this odd presentiment that someone or something is going to tickle my feet or clutch them in my sleep. I blame this weird thought on the scary movies my mom used to watch >_<

    • Your blog is so lovely babe! Like I told you, it’s professionally presented unlike mine. Lol. It’s so interesting that we are so much alike in so many things. Your #3 answer is so true and I’m also into flats but definitely more on flops 🙂 I love writing short stories before, sadly I don’t have much time for those right now.

  3. Thanks for the nomination!! It is great to see the insights to other bloggers.
    1. I am a mother of 3… a girl and two boys. My daughter and I clash a lot and she is only 9…
    2. I love playing Netball. Most girls start in primary school, around 9-10. I did at 15.
    3. I read tooooo much. Any spare moment I have a book in hand.
    4. I live in the middle of farming country. My closest town is 15 minutes away.
    5. I am a sports girl. I love all types of sports and will watch them with my family.
    6. I have a big quad motorbike. It is just an expensive toy I play on.
    7. I have two different coloured eyes… One blue one green!

    Hope that’s all!!
    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

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