Goodreads Choice Awards 2014: Best Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction Category

I’m currently in a dilemma. They won’t let me vote for multiple books. Just one and you need to move on to the next category. Am I the only one  having this problem or everybody is not as fickle minded as I am? If these are your choices, would you immediately choose one?

I’m staring at it for a good couple of hours now and I can’t still decide which to vote. I initially voted Cress, then cleared it. Voted for Lux and changed my mind again. Oh God! This is as hard as choosing a gown for prom or deciding whether to eat a lot or go on a diet. Perhaps you could help me. Comments and suggestions would be much appreciated. 😀



6 thoughts on “Goodreads Choice Awards 2014: Best Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction Category

  1. I am in the same dilemma. One category has listed Archer’s Voice, Ugly Love and Maybe Someday, and I love all of them. Though I voted for Archer’s Voice, I feel bad for not voting for the other two. 😥

  2. I had the same problems, but I somehow managed. I wasn’t sure which book of JLA I liked best (YA categorie), so I voted for White Hot Kiss, because the Lux-series already had many chances to win. Does this make any sense? If I only could vote for every book that I like… I had the same problem with another categorie, where I loved 6(!)books. It was really hard to choose 😉

  3. So so difficult! I eventually voted for The One, although I read and loved Ruin and Rising, and Cress, and read (but did not adore) These Broken Stars, Heir of Fire, and The Young Elites. It is so satisfying to look at a list of book covers that are all beautiful and familiar, but so hard to choose a favorite! I can’t wait to see which book wins! ~Gwen

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