Colleen Houck Book Club: Live Chat With Veronica Rossi about the Under The Never Sky series

Here are some of the snippets of the discussion from our live chat earlier with Colleen Houck and Veronica Rossi. I had so much fun fangirling 😀

*Tawney: Hi Veronica! Welcome to the chat. What do you find as inspiration to motivate you to write? Under the Never Sky is a fabulous series! Are you going to be delving into new territory regarding a new sparkly book idea?

*Veronica: Tawney, thanks for your questions! Well, for writing motivation, a lot of times I’ll listen to music or read or go for a long walk. As for STORY inspiration, that can be anything. Life. A movie. A book. A person. I think everything cooks in a sort of idea stew in my brain for a while, until I feel like I can see the story. Until the characters start taking shape, and their desires and wants and problems. Then I write!
As for what’s next, I have a two-book series coming up in 2016. It’s a little different from the UTNS series, but I’m really excited about it. And I just started working on a third series that I’m really hugely excited about.
Thanks again for your question – and I’m so glad you enjoyed the UTNS series!

*Yun-a: And you’ve probably been asked this question loads of times, but which character is your favorite/most like you?

*Veronica: This is such a tough one to answer, because there are so many of them I love. Obviously, Roar, Perry and Aria. But I was surprised by how much I enjoyed writing Soren and Brooke. I also have a soft-spot for Reef and Twig and Willow. And Cinder… see? I can never answer this question without ending up sounding like I’m listing ALL my characters 🙂

*NYZE: Hi Veronica! I love the trilogy! Would there be an extension series or the like? 🙂 That would be awesome! ♥

*Veronica: Hi, Nyze! Thank you! I’m so glad you liked the series. No plans for an extension series now, but perhaps some day!

*NYZE: Oh! I’ll still look forward to that since I miss all the characters ♥  Anyway, have you started writing Riders? 🙂 I’m excited about that too though it still a long wait from now.

*Veronica: I know! It feels like RIDERS is sooo far away! It’s written. It just needs to be edited and revised, which will take a few months. It’s just that the whole publishing process, from editing, to design, to printing, etc. takes so long. But hopefully the time goes fast!

*Shara: Do you ever base your characters on people you dislike? You don’t need to give names. 🙂

*Veronica: Shara – ha ha ha! No. I haven’t done that. Not EXACTLY. But I’ve borrowed characteristics, for sure! I definitely will write down things people say. Usually what I do is pull out my iPhone and email myself a great piece of dialogue, when I hear it 🙂

And then, there was this..

*Hannah: Hi Veronica!! I love your books!! Have you ever thought of writing a book from Peter’s perspective of Divergent? Like the thoughts that went through his head as he fought Tris, stabbed Edward, and as he was guiding Tris to the Erudite computers in Dauntless?

*Veronica: Hannah, you’d be surprised how often this happens… but I think you’re mistaking me for the lovely Veronica Roth, who wrote the DIVERGENT trilogy. Happens a lot! Best, V

See why? I laughed so hard. Sorry. I didn’t mean to offend anybody.
Seriously, that was freaking funny. 😀

This is the most awesome part..

*Colleen: Dang it! I was clearly too late for the party. Anyway I want to thank Veronica for her amazing chat and the totally awesome person that she is. So the winner tonight is….Nyze Gremio! Congrats and thanks for participating in the chat! I will be messaging you on your Goodreads board so you can send me your address. You win a copy of the Under the Never Sky series as well as a copy of Tiger’s Curse. Yay! and thanks for playing. See you all next month when I will be chatting with Jessica Khoury!


This is exactly how I reacted after reading Colleen’s message!

All I ever wanted is to ask some questions for Veronica, but winning the giveaway contest is so much more. I’m so happy I could hug everybody (including strangers) at this very moment.
I can’t even wipe away this stupid grin off my face. Lol! 😀


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