Book Review: The Witch Must Burn by Danielle Paige

Name: The Witch Must Burn
(Dorothy Must Die 0.2)
Danielle Paige
Number of Pages:
100 pages in EBook
November 11th 2014
by HarperCollins
Fantasy, Young Adult,
Retellings, Short Stories


There’s a new Wicked Witch in Oz—and her name is Dorothy. This digital original novella is the second installment in the prequel arc to the edgy and exciting New York Times bestseller Dorothy Must Die. Dorothy Gale is back . . . and she’s not the sweet little heroine of Oz anymore. She’s power-hungry and vicious, and she leaves a trail of destruction beneath her spike-heeled, magical shoes. But behind the scenes, there’s someone else pulling the strings. Someone who doesn’t want fame or glory—just control. Glinda of the North brought Dorothy back to Oz for a reason. And in The Witch Must Burn, a young maid is about to discover that a witch who says she’s Good might be the most dangerous kind of Wicked.


thoughtsI love this series so I can’t really wait for the second book which will be released March next  year. When I’ve learned that this book has come out, I decided to get this right away. I assumed that this will be from a different character’s perspective and I still can’t believe I’m right.

The POV is from Jellia. The head maid of Dorothy’s palace aka the Emerald City. I love her witty personality and how she protected others from Dorothy’s tantrums. This is just a hundred pages and it’s all about the backstory of how Jellia has joined the Order. Of course, she also shared a horrifying experience of how evil Glinda is, the supposedly good witch. How she discovered that Jellia is part fairy and she can use her for her evil plots or so she thought. I may have love Glinda especially for her obsession of anything pink, but not on this series. No. I can’t further talk about this book without me blabbing about the entire series so that would be a hell of a spoiler. Lol. I just love the concept of this series and how Danielle has created the wicked version of Oz. How everything is as sinister like you’ve never imagined. I assure you, this is not your old The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

recommYou’ll be surprise of what’s in store for you when you read this.
I’m totally recommending this for retelling lovers out there.
Prepare to be pulled into a world wrapped with evil characters you once love as a kid.


Here’s a five! I can’t wait for The Wicked Will Rise 😀


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