My Week in a Wrapped #12


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The typhoon I was talking about last week, Thank God, didn’t bring as much destruction as expected so that’s a good thing. It only rained for a couple of days and it was gone like it was never there. I believe they’ve listed 19 casualties from the central part of the country and that’s by far less than what the previous typhoons have left. It’s because people were much ready and vigilant this time, I guess. Anyway, I haven’t gone Christmas shopping yet and I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to do it at the last minute since my schedule is STILL quite crazy. Haven’t really thought of what to wrap for my family and friends yet. Argh. I don’t want anything for myself though since having them is enough. Aww. I’m such a cheeseball! 😀 Are you done with yours? Anything you want for yourself? 🙂 My reading progress this week is fairly good. I’ve finished three books and I’m happy about it. Though the other one is a short story. Still. A progress is a progress. Hihi! How’s your week? 😀


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  • Book Review: A Thousand Pieces of You
  • Teaser Tuesday #23: Probably from a new read
  • Waiting on Wednesday #29: Torn between two books
  • Currently Reading #37: Danny Dirks and the Heir of Pendragon
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Currently Reading

Name: A Thousand Pieces of You (Firebird #1)
Claudia Gray
Number of Pages:
368 pages in Hardcover
November 4th 2014 by Harper Teen
Fantasy, Young Adult, Science Fiction, Romance


A Darker Shade of Magic
V.E. Schwab
Number of Pages:
150 pages in Ebook
November 2014 by Tor Books
Fantasy, Young Adult,
Historical Fiction, Science Fiction



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Newly Owned to Read #14

This was supposed to be only three books, but then I received Into The Fire 😀

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25 thoughts on “My Week in a Wrapped #12

  1. – Although there were some casualties, I’m glad to know that everything is well! Hope the mishaps weren’t too serious :/

    – Claudia Grey? I hope she lives up to the name ;P

    – I have Princess of Thorns on my TBR!! Squee!!

    • – I really have no idea about the extent of the mishap, but I’m also hoping that everything is okay now with the people that’s directly hit.
      – Haha! I love that 😛
      – I’m excited to read it!!!

  2. Am so pleased that the typhoon wasn’t as bad as it may have been, I saw it on the news one day last week. It must be terrible to experience something like that.

    It sounds like you’ve had a great week in books. Every time I see Suspicion I fall in love with the cover art all over again. I really must read it sometime.
    I’ve requested A Thousand Pieces Of You from the library, so looking forward to reading what you thought of that one.

    I just noticed in your All Time Favourites you have the Mortal Instruments and the Infernal Devices. Which one would you recommend to read first as I have both and want to try and start them next year? 🙂

    Hope you have a great week!

    • It was all over the news and so scary. It’s a good thing that it weakened earlier than expected. 🙂

      I’m so excited to read Suspicion despite of some negative feedbacks I’ve read and I’m really hoping I could get a lot of reading time so I can finish ATPoY the soonest.

      You should read the Infernal Devices first since I believe that’s the prequel series of the Mortal Instruments. I love the series so I hope you’ll love it too 🙂

      Have a great babe ♥

  3. I haven’t done any christmas shopping, too. I hope to be done this week.

    I already read Suspicion and I liked it, even though it isn’t a book I would have normally.picked 🙂 Have fun reading it.

  4. WooHoo for The Body Electric, Nyze! I hope you’ll enjoy it 🙂 I’m looking forward to starting it, myself.

    Good thing the typhoon wasn’t as devastating as it could have been. I hope the weather will be nice and calm from now on.

    I haven’t even started shopping for Christmas, and I probably won’t have time to start until Thursday after class :O Hopefully, we’ll both be ready in time.

    Have a great week and happy reading.

    • I hope we’ll both like The Body Electric! Looking forward to your review. 🙂

      The weather here is still unpredictable. It was sunny yesterday, but it rained come night and still is raining until now. Not really a heavy rain though. It’s so cold which I love.

      I’m just starting to list down stuff, hoping I won’t forget anything and yeah be ready in time. Have a great week babe ♥

  5. Glad to hear that you and your country fared well thru the Typhoon. We had a “Nor’Easter” Which is a rain storm that has gusting winds and which turns back on us as it leaves. Unfortunately, in the winter it also leaves the roads and trees ice coated.
    I picked up a stomach bug and so I have been unwell for a few days. I have only not quite finished my mom’s gifts — we’re going down to see her and my sister.

  6. So glad to hear you’re safe and that the typhoon didn’t cause as much damage or casualties as feared. I’m sure it’s still not great, but a relief just the same!

    I’m almost done with my Christmas shopping and I’m resolved to get it finished this week! I’m usually very last minute, so getting done ahead of time would be kinda great 🙂 good luck finding time and the right gifts! I know what you mean, I don’t really care about what I get either – I’m wishing for a kindle, but that’s wish list. I don’t actually need one 🙂

    Have a great week!

    • A relief indeed. I just hope that everybody would still have a merry Christmas.

      Good for you babe. I’m just starting to list down stuff and making sure I won’t forget anything when I hit the mall. I’m wishing for World Peace. Lol! 🙂

      Have a great week ♥

  7. I’m so happy you came through the typhoon okay and so sorry about the casualties. We have hurricanes here and though we understand them somewhat, they can do strange things.I don’t really get presents so I usually buy something for myself, wrap it, and make myself wait until Christmas morning to open it. I have one I bought over the summer and wrapped it and can’t remember what it is now. LOL
    Here’s my Sunday Post –

  8. You are an adorable sweet. I am sorry that there were loses, but glad it wasn’t as bad as they predicted. I love giving gifts, and feel the same as you. My life is full and their joy makes me smile. Hope your week is fantastic!

  9. Glad you weathered the typhoon safely, but I’m so sorry that some people did not.

    I’m like you; giving gifts is more fun than receiving them! (Not that I object to books or other things made or chosen with love, you understand!) I can hardly wait to have much of the family together for Christmas.

    • Thanks babe! Yeah, it is very heartbreaking to be spending Christmas after some people didn’t make it past the typhoon. I just hope they’ll get by.

      I totally understand babe. All I want for Christmas is World Peace. LOL! and a week of not working. That would be awesome 🙂

      Have a great week! ♥

  10. Glad you escaped the worst of the typhoon, and looks like you had a good blogging week. We did shopping this and so we’re in a little better shape, but still have afew things to get. Little things mostly, so that’s good.

    • Thanks babe and yes I had a good blogging week indeed, but I think I won’t be having my reading time for the next couple of weeks since I really need to start shopping. Lol! Have a great week ♥

  11. It’s good to hear there wasn’t that much damage this time. It is good that everyone learned from last years typhoon.

    I’m almost done with my shopping and it was hard to find something that I really wanted this year. But you are sweet – it does make me happy knowing I found just the right gift for everyone.

    I’ll be reading Princess of Thorns soon, so hopefully we will both like it. Have a great week and enjoy your new books!!

    • I am so relieved to know that everything seems to be back to normal after the typhoon and everybody would have a merry Christmas indeed.

      I’m just getting started to list down stuff and look for my family and friends’ gifts. To be honest, all I want for Christmas is a week without having to work. A week for myself, my boys and my books. That would be awesome. 🙂

      I’ll be looking forward to your review of Princess of Thorns and I’m hoping we’ll like it too. Have a great week ahead babe ♥

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