Book Blogger Hop: January 9th – 15th

This is from Billy of Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer

Question fo the WeekIf you could have dinner with your favorite character, who would it be?

My Answer

Jesus Christ! I have a lot. I can’t even begin to mentally list them all. Lol! Wait, I’ll go with Theron, the Prince Heir of Cordell from Snow Like Ashes of Sara Raasch. He’s all you need for a book boyfriend. I know a lot would agree with me. He’s a perfect gentleman. Sweet and always selfless. Not to mention, gorgeous. I tried looking for a fan art of him, but didn’t find any. Too bad. I would love to have a picnic dinner with him. Perhaps under the stars with fireflies flying by. Yay! That would be so romantic. Don’t you think? 😉


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