Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed

Weekly Photo Challenge is hosted by The Daily Post,
where we publish a new post with a photo interpreting the weekly theme..

Got Shaded..

This week’s theme is:


Low-light photography can be difficult to get right,
but sometimes the absence of light can make for a compelling, dramatic photograph.
Experimenting with shadows can be a fun and rewarding way to push yourself to try something new with your camera and your surroundings, and look beyond the obvious shot. You can choose a literal interpretation and shoot an actual shadow, or you can play with the light and dark, and create a moody scene, or capture your subject in a rich and interesting way.

It’s been raining for the past couple of days now. It made the sky somehow shadowy and the days extra gray. The air has that chilling breeze of melting snow, especially in the morning (Like I know how that feels, I’m from somewhere tropical. Lol). I chose this photo since I’m always fascinated by clouds.

“I thought the most beautiful thing in the world must be shadow.”
Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar



6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed

  1. I don’t know if it’s just me being more in tune with nature or that I’m getting older and that’s what older people do 🙂 but I find myself more and more in awe of the sky. Everyday I take note of the cloud formations and the color of the sky.

    Great photo!

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