Make #timetoread on National Readathon Day!

Let’s celebrate National Readathon Day with Goodreads and the National Book Foundation!

National Readathon

National Readathon Day is a nationwide (US) marathon reading session on Saturday, January 24th from noon until 4 PM (in respective time zones), and a fundraiser for The National Book Foundation’s literacy programs. This is to create, promote, and sustain a lifelong love of reading in America (and the whole world). Book lovers across the world can also join this. You just need to go to Goodreads and pledge for the book you want to read for four hours. It could be anything on your shelf. I’ll try to read the book I’ve pledged for since I’ll be at work on Saturday. Lol! You can check Popular Readathon Day 2015 Books so you can see everyone’s Readathon picks. By the way, there are currently 3,304 readers participating in the Readathon. Select the book you’ll be reading for the readathon and click the “Pledge to Read” button to share your selection with the rest of the Goodreads community. JOIN NOW AND SPREAD THE WORD! LET’S PLEDGE TO READ! 😀

Pledge to Read

This is what I pledged for. 😉



9 thoughts on “Make #timetoread on National Readathon Day!

    • Ohmy! I’ve added that book to my long list of favorites. I so love Snow Like Ashes and hey the 2nd book which is Ice Like Fire is now available for pre-order on Amazon. 🙂

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