Book Review: Tear You Apart by Sarah Cross

Name: Tear You Apart (Beau Rivage)
Author: Sarah Cross
Number of Pages: 384 in Hardcover
Published: January 27th 2015 by EgmontUSA
Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult, Retellings, Romance


An edgy fairy tale retelling of “Snow White” set in the world of Kill Me Softly for fans of Once Upon a Time and Grimm.
If you want to live happily ever after, first you have to stay alive. Viv knows there’s no escaping her fairy-tale curse. One day her beautiful stepmother will feed her a poison apple or convince her on-again-off-again boyfriend, Henley, to hunt her down and cut out her heart before she breaks his. In the city of Beau Rivage, some princesses are destined to be prey. But then Viv receives an invitation to the exclusive club where the Twelve Dancing Princesses twirl away their nights. There she meets Jasper, an underworld prince who seems to have everything—but what he really wants is her. He vows to save her from her dark fate if she’ll join him and be his queen. All Viv has to do is tear herself away from the huntsman boy who still holds her heart. Then she might live to see if happily ever after is a promise the prince can keep. But is life as an underworld queen worth sacrificing the true love that might kill her? Faced with a possible loophole to her “Snow White” curse, Viv goes underground, literally, to find the prince who’s fated to rescue her. But is life safe in the Underworld worth the price of sacrficing the love that might kill her?


ThoughtsAn ARC was given to me by EgmontUsa through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review and I was saddened when I’ve learned that Egmont’s office was officially closed the 31st of January. Aww. I’ve seen a lot of wonderful books that they’ve published so yeah, that’s sad. Anyway, I’ve read a lot of mixed reviews about the book and I must admit that some of them were spot-on. I can’t say I hate the book, but I can’t say I like it either. Yeah, I’m being vague so let’s get to the specifics.

Honestly, the writing is quite decent. The book is not poorly written, but I can’t still bring myself to actually like it. This is in fact a companion of the book Kill Me Softly, but the story was not so difficult to grasp. I didn’t have difficulties figuring things out though I haven’t read Kill Me Softly. The entire premise is truly intriguing that I’ve finished reading it. However, the book has a lot of eye roll worthy parts and I’ve had some Insert-My-WTF-Face moments. The plot was brimming with unnecessary dramas. I really think that was overkill. So there’s Vivian who’s cursed to have Snow White’s destiny. From the evil stepmother, the talking mirror that’s obsessed with her, Henley the Huntsman and the boyfriend at the same time, Jasper the Prince Charming, the animals that are attracted to her, the stay-lace that would cut her breathing days, the comb/hairpin that would render her in a coma and the poisoned apple chunk that would choke her to death, glass coffin, etc., etc. Okay. Cool. Fairy tale adapted, but the twists they have introduced were rather bothersome. Here’s a list of some..

1. Vivian’s father didn’t care about her. He has a different girlfriend other than stepmother.
2. The stepmother aka Regina thought she was Snow White. She was sweet with Vivian when she was little then eventually turned evil since she realized she was supposed to.
3. There was apparently another Huntsman.
4. The Underworld was not the Underworld we know.
5. The Prince Charming was actually a man with no balls.
6. This involved the 12 Dancing Princesses.
7. Don’t be surprised if you got to meet Rumpelstiltskin.
8. Where in the hell were the seven dwarfs?

The story truly spun in Vivian and Henley’s disturbing relationship. I guess the others were there to make this intriguing for readers and I hate that this is another case of I-love-you-but-I-cant-be-with-you crap. Stereotyped. Same old. I am also disappointed that Vivian was so aware how everything would turn out, but she did play right into the plots of her stepmother. If that was me, I’ll steer clear of laces, combs/hairpin and of course apples. Would you not? The world building is nothing remarkable. It’s just okay. The high point of the story is predictable and a lot more fairytalish. Not what I’m expecting since the book was pretty dark. After all and that’s just it. I was left feeling Meh. I like how it ended though. Not your usual “And they lived happily ever after!” and it really made sense.

The characters here were from all over Disneyland. Lol! It’s like a twisted mishmash of your old book that has more than ten fairy tales in it so let’s just focus on the main ones.

I didn’t like Vivian at all. I can’t connect with her. She knows that she will end up in a glass coffin, but she’d done nothing to dodge it. Yeah. She somehow tried, but everything she’s done came out wrong. I hate how she treated Henley. Since Henley was supposed to be the Huntsman who will carve her heart out and of course she needs to stay away though she loved him, she’d said a lot of horrible things to him and made out or flirted with other guys right in his face (which is repulsive) to keep him away. The most annoying part was, she always runs back to him when crap happens. So terrible and selfish. Henley on the other hand was a guy you can bring home and introduce to your parents, but I hate his temper so let’s scratch that. Aside from feeling sorry for him with how Vivian is treating him, I didn’t connect with him too. Just your usual Knight in Shining Armor type, that’s so ironic since he’s supposed to be the Huntsman. Regina, the stepmother, fully embraced her fate to be the wicked queen. She lived her life believing that she can’t be happy as long as Vivian exists. I think you know what she did, but she’s not the main villain here. That surprised me. I didn’t really like the idea ’cause it felt strange and out of place. Well, that’s for you to know. 😉

RecommendationI still recommend the book for readers who love retelling despite the issues I’ve had,
but I need to let you guys know that you need patience. Lol!

RatingI’ll say it’s a two. Sigh. The book is so intriguing,
but didn’t really meet what I was expecting.




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