Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange

Weekly Photo Challenge is hosted by The Daily Post,
where we publish a new post with a photo interpreting the weekly theme..

Orangey and Beachy

This week’s theme is:


– What’s not to love about orange?
It’s vibrant. It’s cheerful. It makes a statement.
It’s the perfect punctuation for a punchy photo.*
This week, share a group of photos where orange is either the dominant color,
or provides a bold highlight. Shoot for at least three photos, and look for different shades
— bright neons, deep rusts, delicate peaches.

These three photos were the closest that I could post for this week’s theme. As you might have noticed, I’m still obsess with my recent beach getaway. I am so not back to reality yet. 😀

“At the beach – time you enjoyed wasting,
is not time wasted.”
—  T.S. Eliot


Penny for your thoughts? Ü

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