Nyze’s Happy Tummy #1

Nyze's Happy TummyWelcome to the newest content I’ll be having on my blog! 😀

I haven’t been posting food stuff on my blog for God knows when so I’ve thought of having a new content that will showcase food that I’ve tried and will be trying at least once a week.
This will mostly include Filipino dishes and everything I’ve set my spoon and fork on
so be prepared to get hungry and drool! 😀
TARA KAIN! (Come on. Let’s eat!)

Here’s what I have for dinner last night:


Pork Sisig with Green Peppers,
topped with Egg and Mayo on a Sizzling Plate ♥


2 thoughts on “Nyze’s Happy Tummy #1

  1. Huh. I’ve never really tried Filipino food, except for a few years ago when our neighbour made Tapioca, but I think that’s from Thailand as well?? *confused but very curious*

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