Weekly Photo Challenge: Blur

Weekly Photo Challenge is hosted by The Daily Post,
where we publish a new post with a photo interpreting the weekly theme..

Life in a haze..

This week’s theme is:


This week, share a photo that’s a blur. You could keep your camera out of focus to achieve a blurry photo, or take a photo of something in motion. Or go in a different direction — capture an image of an experience that would otherwise be a blur, or of something in a state of flux. I look forward to finding the hidden meaning in your blurs!

I took this photo while I was waiting for a ride home from work.
Sometimes, I’m surprised how fast days passed by. Like the feeling of being left behind so I’m making sure that I do what makes me happy along with working all day. I can’t just let days passed me by without accomplishing the things I want to do like hoarding books. Lol! 😀

“The supreme accomplishment is to blur
the line between work and play.”
Arnold J. Toynbee


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