Book Blogger Hop: April 10th – 16th

This is from Billy of Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer

Question of the WeekHave you ever received a bound galley from a publisher for review?
What did you think about it? Were you surprised at anything?

My Answer

Oh. You know what? If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you probably know by now that I’ve just added the bookish part of my blog April of last year so I’m not really “famous” YET among authors and publishers alike. Lol! And also the fact that I’m not from the US, it will take forever for the book to reach me. I hate it! So honestly, I haven’t received a bound galley from any authors/publishers. I usually buy my own books and received eARCs. I know. Sad. Of course, I’d still prefer the hard-covered ones. I’ve won an ARC for the book Hellhole for review, but unfortunately I think it was lost in the mail. It was sent late December last year and I still haven’t received it. Sniff. Sniff. I died a little. No. A lot. 😦 This question really made me sad and then I realized who cares if I don’t have that many hard-covered books? I got my eReader and a long list of books to read so I should be fine. Right? 😀



4 thoughts on “Book Blogger Hop: April 10th – 16th

  1. I’ve only started getting them recently and have only gotten a few so don’t feel bad! I think you not being in the US hurts you more than newness. Galleys aren’t necessarily books I’d put on a shelf to look pretty either. They’re funny sizes and have Uncorrected Proof all over them. At least the ones I’ve gotten! They are fun but so’s NetGalley!

    • I sometimes wish I could live in the US for books. Lol! I understand what you mean, but I think it’s just me. I love the smell of a book. I know it sounds crazy. Haha! But I prefer to have physical books than eBooks, uncorrected proof or not.

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