My Week in a Wrapped #29


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It’s been two weeks since I promised that I’ll be posting the review for Coral and Bone and I’m still not done. I can also say that I’m in a reading slump. After reading it, I feel like not reading anything at all. Sigh. I guess, readers experienced this once upon a reading time. I’m slowly crawling back though. It’s kinda helping that Danny Dirks and the Heir of Pendragon seems interesting. I think work added up to this feeling of doing nothing since it has been a crazy, crazy week at work. When I got home, it feels like sitting on the couch to stare into nothingness. If I could just sleep in my jeans, I would. That’s how exhausting it was. Even considered skipping this week’s Sunday Post and still can’t believe I’ve had the energy to post this. I also haven’t been checking my list of new books to buy. Because of that, I don’t have anything new this week. Been terribly missing visiting friends’ blogs too. I hope you guys won’t take it against me though. It’s just that these past couple of weeks were not good to me. Anyway, I felt refresh when I got to talked to Claudia earlier today even for a while. Teehee. Okay. Enough about me and my exhausting week. How’s yours? I hope everything’s well. 😀


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  • Will check for recent updates for books I want
  • Teaser Tuesday #40: Danny Dirks and the Heir of Pendragon
  • Waiting on Wednesday #46: Still checking my Wish List
  • Book Review: Coral & Bone (Hopefully!)
  • Book Review: Danny Dirks and the Heir of Pendragon (Hopefully!)
  • Currently Reading│Book Beginning: The Younger Gods
  • Book Blogger Hop (Apr 17th – Apr 23rd )
  • Weekly Photo Challenge (A new theme)

Currently Reading

Name: Danny Dirks and the Heir of Pendragon
S.A. Mulraney
Number of Pages:
278 pages in EBook
September 1st 2014 by Scott Mulraney
Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult, Fiction


Danny Dirks wants nothing more than to play baseball in his father’s orchard now that school is out, but he’s finding out that he is no ordinary boy. With the approach of his fifteenth birthday, Danny’s begun hearing voices and seeing visions of his dead mother. He’s also fairly certain that the cute girl next door is really a shape-shifting dragon. All of these things lead Danny to the discovery that he is the heir of the legendary Arthur Pendragon and the linchpin in a pact established between man and dragon centuries ago. Now, rogue dragons threaten that pact and the peace that comes with it. They aim to reopen the portal through which they originally came to Earth in order to bring back a rebel dragon army. It’s up to Danny to learn to channel the power that is Excalibur and, with his new friends, prevent the portal from being opened.


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28 thoughts on “My Week in a Wrapped #29

  1. Thanks for linking back to me 🙂 Hope your getting over your reading slump soon and I get it, sometimes life is so much chaos, that you have no energy for nothing.

    • I’m thinking of sorting out my books that’s recently released. Perhaps I could find something that would help me recover from this. Thanks babe ♥

    • Oh! Glad you liked them 🙂 The mangoes from Cebu are the best! You could check my most recent post for Nyze’s Happy Tummy. You might like it too 🙂

  2. I laughed at sleeping in your jeans. Sorry. But I know how it feels to be so tired. And I’ve also had family in so I’ve been MIA on commenting. Sitting here now trying to visit everyone’s posts with a pounding headache. The pollen is killer this year but I think I’m getting allergic to the cat. Seems like it’s worse in the house than outside or at work. Don’t know what I’ll do about that.
    My Sunday Post –

    • Oh! That’s awful. Hope you’ll feel better soon. I have allergies to anything with furs too. Asthmatic here so I know how that feels. Have a great week ahead. ♥

    • It’s interesting so far 🙂 I bet you are in a reading slump after your vacation. I felt the same way after spending time in the beach. I wish to go back. Lol! Thanks babe. Have a great week too ♥

  3. I’m already dreading the upcoming weeks as I have two work trips planned that happen to fall back to back. If I had known that was going to happen, I would have changed my blogging schedule. As it is now I’m trying to prep posts and schedule social media that will stretch 2 weeks. Stressful!

    Hope things slow down for you soon.

    Terri M., the Director
    Second Run Reviews

    • As much as I’m so thankful for my job, I can’t help hating it sometimes. Lol! Good luck with changing your blog schedule. I hope everything falls into place for you and take care on your trips. Thanks! ♥

  4. Thanks for linking to me here. I just came out of a little bit of a reading slump, too, so I know how you’re feeling. It happens to me every now and again, but hopefully I’m over it again.

  5. Know what you mean about a reading slump. It has happened to me a few times. Most often after I read a book that takes me much longer to read than expected. Hoping you recover soon!

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