Tagaytay’s Sky Ranch : Birthday Trip I

I have ditched books for the meantime, geared in with my camera and explored the beautiful city of Tagaytay for our birthday. Yes, our birthday. Mint and I shares the same birth date so celebrating it every year makes it extra special. It’s like we were twins from different moms. Destiny huh? 😊 Anyway, our friends were supposed to come along with us, but due to recent unfortunate events they weren’t able to so only Mint and I prepared for our little adventure.

Since we haven’t been to Tagaytay, planning our itinerary is quite thrilling. I have searched blogs to have an effective one and really hoping we could make it possible. We only planned to spend an entire day so we would want to go as many places as we could. Luckily, I stumbled upon LakadPilipinas‘s blog and got myself an idea on where to go. We were so excited about the trip we only slept a couple of hours before we left home early in the morning avoiding rush hour. Took a bus from Coastal Mall to Tagaytay City’s proper and rode a jeepney to our first stop.

Our first stop: Sky Ranch 😊

Sky Ranch is a mini amusement park and like any other, they have rides like Ferris Wheel, Merry-Go-Round, Nessi Coaster, etc. They also have horseback riding and zip line to complete the adventure. It’s a five hectare property beside Taal Vista Hotel along Aguinaldo Highway in Tagaytay.

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An Hour of Fun Ü

This is a post celebration of our 51st. It should be the 30th but I had to go to work.. Unfortunately. Had troubles with our delayed sweldo so I decided to stay home at magmukmok then my Hubby asked me if we could go somewhere to spend the night since I’m at home.

We ate supper first and had our favorite Liempo from Andok’s. I was able to take a photo of their banner in front of me since naaliw ako dun sa tagline nilang.. Pambansang Litson Manok. Though we ate pork obviously. I was so full and I really wanted something sweet. I had Kisses Chocolates in mind but instead, Mint bought me Ice cream. Yum! Yum! He bought Selecta Hershey’s Milk Chocolate in a 1.5 ML tub so we were able to share it with our housemates, his Ate with pamangkins and his Mom along with his brother.

Afterwards, we were thinking of a place we could go to spend the night together. Hmm.. Yes. Star City is the place to be. Haha! We would want to be a kid again for the rest of the night. It just so happened that we arrived at 10pm and the park will close at 11pm. SO LAME but since we were there already, we decided to just have fun as much as we could.

Since most of the attractions and rides were already closed, we had fun in all the games that we could play though we knew na parang dinadaya kami not to get a prize. Haha:)

Too bad he was short 10 points to win a prize 😦

This was so fun! Haha! Pinagpawisan si Mint dyan.

This is like a lottery, you need to catch 5 balls with a sum of 120 for you to win a small toy and guess what? We won 2 small toys 🙂

cute little angel pigs 🙂

This is kinda difficult, you need to throw the tokens on the flat square and it should stay there. Apparently, the tiles were smooth enough for the tokens not to slide.

This is where the fun started. You need to manage to have a line with the balls. 3 consecutive lines will get you a huge toy. Unfortunately, we only had 2 lines so we won 2 small toys but it was so much fun. I didn’t win a toy for myself though, Mint was able to win them all. Haha 🙂

He won these for me 🙂

Had a break and ate some hotdogs wrapped in bacon. Yummy!

This is cool but it was already closed. Lame!

The Controversial Star Flyer. This was the ride that once famous for some guy who committed suicide while on this ride. Creepy right? I wont try it though. Niahaha 🙂

Taking a photo just beside the Star Flyer 🙂

The galleon from the Pirate Adventure is pretty cool. Looks real to me, I think it’s about the same size of  a real galleon plus the background was designed to fit the Pirates of Caribbean movie 🙂

We weren’t able to try this since there were a lot of people on the line for their turn. We took photos instead. Maspamado nga lang si Mint kaya blurred yung isa. Hmp.

The entrance at the China 🙂

This is a kiddie ride that’s so cute 🙂

Mint bought these souvenirs so we can have something that would remind us of our an hour adventure. I really had so much fun! I can’t imagine that we could do a lot in an hour. This would definitely be a memory to be treasured 🙂