An open letter for my Husband on our 5th year anniversary..

Dear Bhey,

I know you are not and you can’t be perfect but I thank you for all the things you have done that other’s I know won’t do for me.

For the encouragement to finally learn how to cook and for saying my Adobo tasted so good though I know that it tasted awful. I know you only said that for me not to feel bad because you know I’ve worked all day for it. Thanks! That made my day.
For your warm hands that gently eases my monthly cramps. Thanks.. It makes me feel better and helps me have a good night’s sleep. I know that sometimes even if you’re not feeling well too, you still always make sure that I’m feeling okay.
For your loving arms that hugs me everytime I cry just for no reason at all. I know you understand that I am just crazy at times. Thanks!
For believing in me and making me feel stronger each time I encounter failures. Thanks! I know you always have my back.
For accepting that I am not perfect and I may say or do things that may be unfavorable to you but still, you understand. Thanks! That made me feel I’m human.

I also want to say sorry for all the things I could have done but chose not to because my pride took over me. I know, it happens all the time but it doesn’t mean I don’t love you anymore. Whatever bad things I may say or do, I want you to think that maybe I’m just tired or hungry. As you say, I always go crazy when I’m hungry. Now I understand why you’d always see to it that I eat on time.

I am really glad we made it this far, that we are still holding on for many people have doubted it. From day one, I swear we’re infinite..

Happy 5th year Anniversary!
I love you more each day!

Hugs and Kisses,
Your Wife ♥