I haven’t blog about this ever, but I so love Hello Kitty like monkeys love bananas. Ironically, I can’t have cats for pets because I have asthma so Hello Kitty would be perfect for me. Cute and harmless 🙂 Before, I tried to collect Hello Kitty stuff but failed since I have a lot of things going on. I recall collecting The Little Mermaid goodies back in college because I’m so obsessed with being a princess/mermaid too. Lately, I have been trying to continue this hobby. I’ve just started so it’s not really huge unlike those Hello Kitty hoarders that I’m following on Instagram. I’m so jealous of their collection. Really huge and they even have pieces that so unique, you can’t just buy them anywhere. I think they have ordered it or it was auctioned somewhere.

Anyway, here’s what I currently have:

Hello Kitty Wall Clock

My first Hello Kitty Mug

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My Favorite Account in Tumblr ♥

I have a Tumblr account but it has been a year I think when I last updated it since I think it’s a lot like high school stuff unlike having a blog page from WordPress of course! [Can I be on Freshly Pressed? Just pushing my luck! LOL]. I was so bored when I stumbled upon my own account in Tumblr and decided to browse it way from my oldest posts. Well, there were posts that I can’t even recall that I have posted them. Haha! I normally look for photos via google and edit them with my favorite quotes of all time [It will be on a separate post Ü] but I have this specific Tumblr account which was my favorite of all Tumbleristas that I have come across.. JEANSBEANS ♥

Here are some of her photos that’s on my favorite list Ü

Her doodles are awesome! I believe she’s the one who’s doing it. I’m a frustrated artist too. I used to sketch stuff but being busy at work hindered me from pursuing it. JeansBeans really is my favorite Tumblr account. You might wanna check out her blog too. It’s just sooo cute ♥