The so-called “Year Ender Post”

Well, yeah. As the title of this blog post reads.. This is my version of the so-called “Year Ender Post”. Most bloggers have this posted last week of December of the previous year and since I was too busy to do that, I’ll have it posted just today.


We started the year right, celebrated New year with the whole family Ü

Had a get-together with my close friends Oleng and RenRen which the photos were corrupted by WordPress and to my surprise.. I don’t have backup files. Lame!

Mint and I had fun at the Atiatihan Pandacan Fiesta and we’re planning to join it again this year Ü

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Ati-Atihan Sto. Niño de Pandacan

Viva, Viva Sto. Niño! Viva, Viva Sto. Niño! Viva, Viva Sto. Niño!

Everyone was like chanting that while in the procession of our beloved Sto. Niño. Today is the Feast Day for him and everyone was dressed and graced the streets for the occasion. Every barangay do have their own set of Ati-Atihan and Tamboleros (drummer boys). Ati-atihan means “to be like aetas” or “make-believe ati’s” so people were all painted in black ink or charcoal and everybody were dancing to the tune of the Tamboleros.

The procession started as early as 4am. I came from work and didn’t even bother to sleep since I’m so excited to join the procession. I was even there when they’re still practicing. 🙂

We left our place I think 15 minutes before 5am so we can still have a spot at the church’s ground where all groups will have an assembly before hearing the holy mass.

Sto. Niño de Pandacan Parish Church

This was the scene after the priest declared that the holy mass is over. All the Sto. Niños were raised in the air for the blessing.

Lizzy + Darcy + Mint + Kenneth + Richard


After 🙂

That’s our Sto. Niño which we bought in Antipolo last year for the Alay lakad for Semana Santa. I brought him along since everybody had their own and even bought him a new dress 🙂

Kumusta naman ang haggard ako? Ewww.. Wala pa kasing tulog. Deadmakels! 🙂

Mint + Me

This was my favorite piece of the procession. The humungous Sto. Niño 🙂

Our cute niece Kylie after the procession. We bought her a Dora balloon ♥

It was so festive with the dancers, tamboleros and all the people who went to the procession. I really enjoyed it though it was tiring and it was really crowded. Like pede mo na i-nose to nose yung kaharap mo. I pity those kids and babies that were tagged along by their parents, naiipit sila and na-exposed sa kung ano anong amoy. It’s not really advisable na magdala ng mga kids specially babies sa mga ganitong okasyon. Maybe mag-attend na lang ng mass after ng procession para maluwag na. Hindi ko na din maramdaman yung mga paa ko sa sobrang sakit because I stood there for like 5 hours but the pain is worth it. I’m really sure that I’ll be doing this again next year. Viva Santo Niño! 🙂