The Oven-Baked Flat Bread

aka PIZZA.. I’ve been eating unhealthy stuff lately. Blame it to work that I rarely cook and shamelessly been ordering food. I’ve read a blog about the most delivered food and guess what? Pizza tops the list. Sigh. I’ve been ordering pizza these days. In every variety possible. My favorite is from a local pizza stand two blocks from home. It’s not even from those fancy pizza restaurants that you could have guessed. I couldn’t even remember the name for Christ’s sake. Which remind me that I need to check its name. Ha! Ha! I’m stupid like that. Sorry. 🙂

Here’s something I had for dinner..

Ham, Bacon and Cheese Overload

I shared it with Hubby if you’re thinking I’ve wolfed it on my own. Oh hello Calories! 🙂

“Now, leave.”
All three boys slumped forward.

Percy fell face-first into his pizza.
“Percy!” Annabeth grabbed him.”

Rick Riordan, The Mark of Athena

I also want to fall face-first on my pizza. Ha! Ha!


Kisses on a Chocolate

I tried searching Google for a word that would define someone who loves desserts when I’ve stumbled upon a page that says:

What do you call a person that loves sweets?

Hey guys… I’m not a native english speaker and I want to know if there is some cute name for a person who loves to eat chocolates, candies and all kinds of sweet stuff… Thanks!


  1. Sweetaholic
  2. Sugar-junky
  3. FAT

I literally laugh out loud at the third answer. How could somebody be so cruel? Ha! Ha! Anyway, people could call me anything they want, but that won’t stop me from being a sweet tooth. Here’s something I had this morning. Really made my day! 😃

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Mahogany Market’s Bulalo : Birthday Trip III

We left Sonya’s Garden with hungry tummies so as we’ve initially planned, we’ll indulge to the most famous dish in town. Yes to Bulalo (Beef Shanks or Bone Marrow Soup)! It’s a Filipino dish wherein beef shanks and marrow bones are boiled until the fat has melted into the clear broth or soup. Not healthy eh? Trying sinful food once in while won’t hurt. 😉

Again. We really didn’t have an idea where to get the best one so with the help of locals, we decided to check out Mahogany Market. At first, we considered trying Leslie’s since that’s a known place for trying out Bulalo in Tagaytay, but I’ve read blogs that it tends to be pricey and there were a lot of places where you could get the same taste for a much affordable price.

From Sonya’s we took a jeepney ride to Tagaytay’s Rotunda, only to find out that we should’ve taken the jeepneys taking left from Sky Ranch so it was like we have gone in circles. By the time we’ve found Mahogany Market, we were already famished. We’ve squeezed ourselves through the throng of people shopping and just plainly strolling around. Since it is literally a market, a lot of people were to be expected. The market was lined with stalls to try Bulalo, but I’m looking for a specific stall which I’ve read from a blog (reading blogs is so useful! 😊)

It is not your usual fine dining so don’t expect much. It is situated in front of a parking lot, tables and chairs were strategically placed in front of each stall so it is not on an air conditioned place. Good thing is, there were girls who attended to our needs when we were already seated.

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Certified Baconatics

I woke up today feeling utterly craving for bacon. I can eat bacon forever. I once watched a television program called The United States of Food with Chef Todd Fisher, I think, featuring a special episode where he traveled around the United States and tried dishes having bacon to be the main ingredient. That’s the first thing that came into my mind. How I remember drooling while watching it. Just recalling it makes me want to drool again. Like bacon had me hypnotized. This is so unreal.

Don’t mind the premiere time because I believe the premiere of this TV show was July of 2012, if I’m not mistaken. I’m not pretty sure if this is still being aired on TLC.

  • He’d gone to Slaters 50/50 in Huntington Beach, California and tried their famous B’ B’ B’ Bacon

It has 100% bacon patty, ground up beef-style grilled on an open flame, a pile of bacon, toasted fresh bacon pretzel bun, layers of bacon American cheese, a sunny side up egg and tapped with creamy bacon island dressing. The burger is impaled with a steak knife so you can slice it up since I’m not certain how it will fit your mouth. Oh. God. Heaven.

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Babois’ Day Out

It has been long now since we have seen each other so we were so excited when my friend, Oleng sent us a message that she wants to see us. We made ourselves available on the date she picked and luckily, it was my day off from work. We had set it on a Sunday and we’re also with Mamie Cheng. We told Oleng to bring her camera along so we could have a little photo shoot. Yeah, a little.. No doubt this post would be much more like photo dumping! Ü

Initially, we planned just to chill at Starbucks but Oleng being hungry, we had fries and sundaes from McDonald’s first and the rest is history.

Mie Cheng + Mint + Me + OlengAlmost.. but not quite. Haha!

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