Yhinno Grei’s Christening

One of my very best friend, Yves, had his son christened last January 20th and it was my pleasure to be chosen as one of Yhinno’s Godmothers. He is so cute and adorable that I want to take him home with me. My office mates and I were able to grace the occasion though most of them were in  zombie mode because they just got off from work. I know, Yves would be mad for his friends not to show up on this important day of his life being a father. I am so proud of him! I’m really sure he would make a good husband to Glena and the best father to Yhinno.

Glena, Yves and Baby Yhinno

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Babois’ Day Out

It has been long now since we have seen each other so we were so excited when my friend, Oleng sent us a message that she wants to see us. We made ourselves available on the date she picked and luckily, it was my day off from work. We had set it on a Sunday and we’re also with Mamie Cheng. We told Oleng to bring her camera along so we could have a little photo shoot. Yeah, a little.. No doubt this post would be much more like photo dumping! Ü

Initially, we planned just to chill at Starbucks but Oleng being hungry, we had fries and sundaes from McDonald’s first and the rest is history.

Mie Cheng + Mint + Me + OlengAlmost.. but not quite. Haha!

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The Best Drinks of my Life

Drinking is one of the best ways to celebrate something special. It may be someone’s birthday or just a plain get together with close friends. It’s also one of my stress reliever and it helps me keep up with everyday hassles. I can’t say that I’m addicted to it or I’m an alcohol dependent though. A dose of alcohol once in a while is something that I can reward myself for working hard everyday.

“Beer is rich in nutrients and helps to make your bones stronger.”
— The Google Fact™ @thegooglefact..

By this quote, I can say now that my body is rich in nutrients and I have the strongest bones in this whole wide world. Haha!

Here’s a collection of the best drinking sessions I had Ü

New Year’s Eve of 2011 with Cayse and Mima

B1 Aimee’s Birthday


Gerald’s Birthday

My Convergys Family

Am’s Birthday

Teleperformance Peeps

Jacqui’s Birthday

Etelecare Friends

Team Nikki

Yves’ Birthday

Vonage co-trainees

With the PugadBaboi ♥

I love all my friends! These are memories that’s really worth remembering. Though I’m not seeing some of them already, I’ll keep these good times in my heart and really hoping that I could spend time with them again.

Old Friends Over Dessert ♥

I was extremely excited when finally we had set up a get together with my old but not forgotten friends. We have not seen each other for 2 years now.. I so missed them since we used to spend a lot of time together like we were inseparable. Too bad Crista, Jez and Jaren didn’t make it though.

We were supposed to meet up for dinner but I had to wait for my Dad so we were a little late, we had it over dessert. Ü

Dairy Queen indeed Ü

Mie Cheng + Me + Mint + Oleng

Oleng playing with the camera while having us in the background.

PS. We look crazily in love and stupid. LOL!

Can’t fixed the red eyes. Nice contact lenses Bhey Ü

♥ Mie Cheng + Oleng ♥

It was so bitin though since Mie Cheng can’t stay late. Anyway, we were planning to see each other by next week and hopefully the rest of the “Babois” will make it so we can have quality time like we used to.

The after shifters Ü

This was not planned at all but since our schedule is perfect for a little bonding after our shift, why not? This was supposed to be a team breakfast/drinking session but we preferred to have some close friends to go as well. The more, the merrier Ü

Team Nikki

Everyone of my teammates from Team Nikki are dear to me. Specially that most of them are not new to me anyway. I have my BFF Jacqui, Jean and some peeps from TRG so team bonding are always so much fun. Plus I have met new friends that feels like not really new because of how ease I am whenever I am with them. It’s like I already knew them from way back.

The original plan was to have a couple of booze but it turned out like it was a team breakfast since we ate a lot. We also enjoyed making fun of each other over food. This way, we were able to learned more about each and every one.

 Roel + Jules + Lara + Daddy Bryan + Atom

I love how my friends and I get along very well though we have different characters and not to mention that we are a mix of girls, boys and gays. We always have a wonderful time when we’re together. I just hope that nobody from the team will be transferred to another team when reshuffle comes. That would saddened me for sure.

I miss Lara already, she’s been absent for 2 days now and she didn’t inform any of us why. I’m still hoping that she’ll show her ass pretty soon for I’m really not good in goodbyes. Though we haven’t known each other for a long time because she was just new, we have already established that kikay friendship since we usually go home together and talked about things that we both enjoy. I just hope that she’s doing good.

I’ll post more of our Team Nikki adventures in the future because this would not be the first and the last for sure. Ü

Yves’ Post Birthday Bash

Yves’ birthday was actually January 10 but we were unable to celebrate it because we were experiencing poverty then. In short, taghirap kami nun. Haha! The nomo session was not really planned but hey it was a blast. We managed to have friends joined our little gathering. We even have out team leader to be there.

Yves + Boss Niki

The haggard ME + Jean + Boss NIki + Yves

My becky friends 🙂 Jules + Gerald

Gorgeous Gerald LOL 🙂

Yves’ brother Jason + Jules

Yves + Gerald

Iris + her hubby Frank

Me + my hubby Mint

Boss Niki + Iris

The Boys 🙂 Mint + Frank + Yves

Have you notice that it was like a Green party? Like most of us were wearing Green? LOL! That wasn’t planned at all. It was so much fun though there were dramas and all. Haha! Beers were pouring and they’re so drunk. Yeah, THEY were, because I only had 5 bottles of Tanduay Ice and they had 5 cases of Redhorse, I believe. Jules and Yves were so drunk that they didn’t know what they’re doing anymore. LOL! It was a non stop laughter night. Jules slept over at our place since he left his keys at home and the rest headed home by 3 in the morning. We would definitely planned for a repeat soon. That is if our schedules allow it and I hope it does 🙂