DIY Nail Art

I have recently acquired this obsession in doing nail arts. I used to wear my fingernails long, but it gets uneasy soon enough so I have to cut it short. I’m really fond of doing kikay stuff, but before, I’ve left it all to the manicurist do it for me ’cause I really don’t have an idea how it works. Just weeks ago, my friend Sheika brought her nail art kit at work and everybody’s gone gaga over it. I just can’t believe how easy it was for her do it. I bought my own kit for only P35 Php and it’s like a beginner’s kit. It’s not really like those fancy nail art kits that you could buy at department stores though, but it’s a good start especially for starters like me.

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Being creative this Halloween

I know this is a bit tinny winny late, but I so missed blogging since I haven’t blog in a while. My last blog post is exactly two months ago, I believed. Nevertheless, I’m back! 🙂

I got so many ideas to post, but I will start from spending Halloween, I guess. I have not gone at a cemetery to visit relatives who passed away because I’m kind of feeling a bit under the weather, which is so lame since my three days off from work has been approved. So there, I’m stuck watching cartoons at home. Yeah, I know it’s not really normal that you watch cartoons while everybody’s watching horror stuff.

I. Don’t. Like. Watching. Horror. Stuff. Especially. If. It’s. Halloween. I couldn’t stress it more. LOL! Nightmares are the least that I want to have. Go KungFu Panda ♥ No Halloween parties this time too so out of pure boredom, I looked for something fun to do other than watching cartoons.

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Being so Girlie this Summer

I love to be on dresses this summer! Those summer dresses that would bring out the extra girl in me. LOL! I grew up with boys so I haven’t really tried to check out some dresses for I am usually in regular tees and jeans. Before, wearing those made me think that my Kuyas will burst into laughter and I’ll end up not wearing girly stuff at all but things are a little different now. Ü

I stumbled upon these summer dresses on Google and these made me think that wearing some would be a great idea specially with this scorching summer heat. I love to be on floral and hassle-free dresses though. Those pieces that I can go anywhere with. From malls to shores basically.

These are my picks for this season. Simple, comfy and cute! I love those v neck designs and I believe those are knee-length too so perfect for ladies on the go like yours truly. Tell me what you think or if you have suggestions as well. Ü

After 8 months..


Hubby was wondering why my mood swings were on their extremes since last night when I arrived from work. I bought him pastries last night but he didn’t like them so out of the blue, I was crying like a baby. When I woke up, my goodnight sleep didn’t change a thing. I’m still not in the mood for everything. As in everything. When I’m about to take a shower to prepare for work, I noticed that I have red stains on my underwear. That explains why I’m having mood swings and unexplainable pain in my tummy. Arghh.. PMS! I missed that. Men always think that women are just making this as an excuse to be grumpy and all. I just wish that they would experience this every month so they would know how it really feels. I was surprised about this because it was like 8 months ago since I had my last menstruation.

When I stopped taking pills way back March, I haven’t had my menstruation in a regular basis. I was thinking before that I was pregnant but I was not and thinking that it was just delayed since I’m not taking the pills anymore. I’m really scared to go on a check up. I have all these scary things in my head that an OB Gyne would say about this so I prefered not to visit one though Hubby constantly reminds me of that. Even my friends were telling me to have a consultation so I can have the peace of mind. Well, I’m planning to see an OB Gyne soon but still scared. I just hope that my menstruation cycle will be as regular as before.