Certified Baconatics

I woke up today feeling utterly craving for bacon. I can eat bacon forever. I once watched a television program called The United States of Food with Chef Todd Fisher, I think, featuring a special episode where he traveled around the United States and tried dishes having bacon to be the main ingredient. That’s the first thing that came into my mind. How I remember drooling while watching it. Just recalling it makes me want to drool again. Like bacon had me hypnotized. This is so unreal.

Don’t mind the premiere time because I believe the premiere of this TV show was July of 2012, if I’m not mistaken. I’m not pretty sure if this is still being aired on TLC.

  • He’d gone to Slaters 50/50 in Huntington Beach, California and tried their famous B’ B’ B’ Bacon

It has 100% bacon patty, ground up beef-style grilled on an open flame, a pile of bacon, toasted fresh bacon pretzel bun, layers of bacon American cheese, a sunny side up egg and tapped with creamy bacon island dressing. The burger is impaled with a steak knife so you can slice it up since I’m not certain how it will fit your mouth. Oh. God. Heaven.

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A Food way to celebrate!

Alie’s growing too fast.. Too fast I can’t imagine him having girlfriends already.

We celebrated his 10th birthday and initially we planned to go out for a movie but it turned out as a pig out day since we ate a lot.. seriously! Hubby, Alie and I were arguing which place to go to for dinner that night but Alie and I won! Haha! We wanted some pasta, chicken and pizza! Ü

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Old Friends Over Dessert ♥

I was extremely excited when finally we had set up a get together with my old but not forgotten friends. We have not seen each other for 2 years now.. I so missed them since we used to spend a lot of time together like we were inseparable. Too bad Crista, Jez and Jaren didn’t make it though.

We were supposed to meet up for dinner but I had to wait for my Dad so we were a little late, we had it over dessert. Ü

Dairy Queen indeed Ü

Mie Cheng + Me + Mint + Oleng

Oleng playing with the camera while having us in the background.

PS. We look crazily in love and stupid. LOL!

Can’t fixed the red eyes. Nice contact lenses Bhey Ü

♥ Mie Cheng + Oleng ♥

It was so bitin though since Mie Cheng can’t stay late. Anyway, we were planning to see each other by next week and hopefully the rest of the “Babois” will make it so we can have quality time like we used to.