Korean Peg at Gracall

My friends were into dress-up this past few months but this is my favorite of all their themes. They wanted me to join in but I’m really not into it. No chance! KJ me, I may say. Haha! They know me well though. Tomboy nga daw ako. Haha! Well, I can be a good photographer na lang everytime they want to play dress-up. Ü

Jade +  Jules + Iris

With the CR girls (ChatRoulette. Haha!)

With Emong and Yam

Iris + Jules

Jade + Iris + Jean

Iris is so cute Ü

The last 3 photos were taken not so good though but we had so much fun. I really love  these guys. I can be the kid at heart that I am anytime with them. More themes to  come for them  (excluding me of course Ü)