Buntis ka ba? YOURALAYER.

This is another rail transit incident that I have experienced just earlier today on my way to work. Yes. Another. Like that viral video on Youtube where a girl was yelling “AMALAYER? AMALAYER?” “I am a liar?” at a security officer. Some said that the video didn’t show all the details so I still wonder why it happened. This time, I saw and heard everything.

It’s just the usual manic Monday for me. All the people who were waiting for the train to arrive were in 2 lines a meter away from the actual railways. The area is crowded so I pushed myself in to get a spot where I can fall in line. For all who’s not familiar with the Philippine’s MRT or Metro Rail Transit, there is a coach solely for women, people with disability and elderly but still it’s your option if you want to be on other coaches as long as you are a woman. So on that note, men are not allowed in that specific coach unless you’re with an elderly, a pregnant woman or a person with disability.

Back to the story.. I notice a couple that was standing in line near me where the coach for women will stop. The security officer approached them and let them know that they need to transfer to a different coach since men are not allowed there. They immediately transferred to the other line, but to my surprised they pushed other people around and rode the coach for women when the train arrived. I believed that the security officer was not able to noticed them. At the next station, security officers checked coaches and was able to noticed them. The security officer asked.. “May kasama ka Sir? Pangbabae kasi dyan ee.” “Are you with someone Sir? This coach is for women.” The guy pointed at the girl he was with and the security officer asked them again.. “Buntis ka ba Ma’am?” “Are you pregnant Ma’am?” The couple exchanged confuse glances and were not answering the question so the security officer repeated it twice. The girl answered “Yes.” with that confuse look still on her face. The security officer looked confuse as well as the couple can’t look at him and were stuttering as they speak so he asked again.. “Sigurado ka bang buntis ka? Baka pag hiningan kita ng patunay wala kang maibigay.” “Are you sure that you’re pregnant? If I’ll ask you a proof, will you be able to provide me something?” The couple exchanged confuse glances again then the train doors closed in front of them. Everybody went quiet then suddenly an old guy said.. “Napakayabang naman ng guard na yun. Dapat yun nirereport.” “That guard is so conceited. He should be reported.” Then another person said.. “Kung ako yun, binanatan ko un!” “I could have beat him if that was me.” Then all at once everybody started saying something against the security officer. Astoundingly, the guy with the girl said.. “Saan nga siang station ulit? Nang mabalikan ko.” “From what station he was again? So I can get back at him.” in his most conceited tone.

I was so amazed that most of the passengers gotten their sympathy though they have obviously lied. Was it because that the security officer was a bit rude or something? I think that they should wonder why he acted like that. What would you feel if somebody’s making you feel stupid?

I can’t believe I heard all of those. In the first place that girl didn’t even look pregnant and it’s so obvious that they just lied for them to be on that coach. Everybody can tell that she’s not pregnant, she’s even on a skin-tight jeans for God’s sake! And here they are gotten all the passenger’s sympathy aside from me of course. I feel sorry about the security officer. I really think that he was just doing his job right. They could have said something when they were asked, not when the security officer was not there anymore. I just can’t believe that he will have the guts to say something like that after they lied like as if they didn’t. I kept my cool and just rolled my eyes though I really wanted to tell them right at their faces that they’re liars!

When will people learn about discipline and being honest? Just for the simple case of riding trains.. as petty as that. Alarming. Indeed.