A Letter for Mom on Mother’s Day

Hi Mom,

I may not be the sweetest kid and I’m not certain if you are aware of the little things I’ve done to make you happy, but I’m trying my best. Remember when I was a kid and you hired a tailor to make matching dresses for me and my siblings, how I threw a fit because I don’t want to wear it because it sucks, but I did just to make you happy (Though I have not smiled on any of our family pictures on that day because of that).

You may yell at me and say things that would make the Boss down there proud, but I know you’re just mad because I’m stubborn. Remember when you told me to stay at home and look after my little sister, how I’ve ran off and met my friends instead. I may have not apologized for it, but Mom I’m sorry. I may have disobeyed you in so many instances, but you still love me.

How you’ve disapproved of my previous boyfriend because you told me that he’s no good. I thought you are just trying to be a wet blanket and doesn’t want me to be happy, but now I realized he has just messed up my life and don’t deserve me.

You may have not liked most of my decisions because you know that it won’t do me any good, but I didn’t listen. How I’ve always thought that you are the villain of my life. I’ve gone through life on a blindfold and learned my lessons in a hard way, but you hugged me and told me I can do better next time. That there are rainbows after each storm and you’ll be there.

For all the things others may say about me because I’m a black sheep, you stand by me and proved to them that I can be a better person. I know raising a kid like me is not a walk in the park, your patience is unbelievable and I thank you for that. In fact, there are so many things to be grateful that I have you and I can’t thank you enough.

I love you Mom. I may have not told you most of the time, but I love you. Happy Mother’s day ❤

For the coolest Mom on earth..

Forever loving you,

Love + Stupidity = Trouble

I am not okay. I feel so horrible it hurts to smile. Dejavu. Yes. I can’t believe that it happened again. I thought everything was sailing smoothly then it happened.. Again. I never learned. I have never learned. God.. I can’t breathe. I want to runaway. Runaway from all these but I know for a fact that it wont go away if I’ll do that. It wont change a thing. I know it will still hunt me. I thought I have fixed it.. I thought we’re okay now. I thought he values our relationship more now after everything that we’ve been through. Yeah. I thought. I just thought. I’m tired. Tired of all these. Tired of repeating the same mistake over and over again. I can’t blame anybody for this but myself. I chose to stay. I chose to fixed things. What can I do? I love him. I just don’t know when will I ever learn or when will he realize that all he does is bullshit. Hoping that he’ll realize all of this the soonest. When it’s never too late for us to fix things. When I still love him..

Happy Trip Tatay..

I was informed by my sister that our Grand Daddy died last Tuesday, April 17, I was at work then. I was not really surprised when I heard the sad news ’cause I know Tatay was long sick but we never anticipated that it’ll be this soon. I was just lucky enough that I was off from work the next day so we were able to visit him at my parent’s house at Tondo.

I took this photo the first time we visited him.

Huling lamay was scheduled last night and I was off from work again luckily. I was just informed so late that  it was already 1 in the morning when I arrived. We had bid Tatay our last goodbyes earlier this morning at LaLoma Cemetery in Quezon City with the whole family. We were all in white in respect for Tatay.

Dance with my Father : Luther Vandross

This was being played while our relatives were giving testimonials, it triggered my tears to pour 😦

I’m usually scared in people in coffins but for my Tatay, I did not feel those goosebumps I usually feel about other people or just the thought of people in coffins. Oh well, there’s always an exemptions. Tatay is an exemption..

Goodbye Tatay.. We know that you’re happier wherever you are right now. You will not feel any pain now since you’ll be with our almighty God. For sure you’ll always look after us. We will always love you and you’ll be miss by many. See you when I see you again Tatay.. HAPPY TRIP! 😦

Happy Birthday Mommy ♥

My Mom’s birthday is so weird. According to her, she was brought to this world by a hilot and the hilot got confused about her birthdate. My Granny told me that her actual birthday was February 29. Yes, leap year indeed but the hilot indicated March 28 on her birth certificate. So Mom’s got 3 birthdays every year when it’s a leap year of course. February 28, 29 and March 28. We usually celebrate it every February 28 though.

My beautiful Mom ♥

Though I have a love-hate relationship with her, no one can replace her of course. She’s my ever dearest Mom. I remember her telling me that I would definitely follow her when she’ll die (not now and in the near future pls) because I don’t know anything when it comes to household chores and the like. She also added that I should look for a guy who would do everything for me. Lol! Well, thanks for my hubby, perfect choice I may say. My mom is so masipag, that’s why I always miss her when I moved out of our home. Yung feeling na pag gising mo, she’s done with the laundry, cooked lunch already (I usually woke up late, I always skip breakfast. Lol), cleaned the house and just busy reading her favorite pocket books or watching telenovelas on TV. Some says that I am the official black sheep of the family but Mom would always tell me that it’s not true. Wala daw talagang black sheep in every family. They’re just confused and lost kids that needs proper guidance in order for them to grow inline with the good things. Congrats to my Mom since I’m proud of who I am right now. She’s done a very good job. I hope for more birthdays for her, good health and all the love in the world. I ♥ you Mommy Yow Ü

Edited Memories

Here’s a collection of our most treasured memories. I compiled them on a file, well this was supposed to be a slideshow from Photobucket and somehow it’s not working anymore so I decided to copied them and post it here. These are our old photos, back when we were still skinny and young? LOL! 🙂

I’m not really sure why the photos looks dark or something but the layout seems good. I’m thinking of printing them out, having them in a collage and framed it but I’m still busy (so lazy to do that. LOL! )