After 8 months..


Hubby was wondering why my mood swings were on their extremes since last night when I arrived from work. I bought him pastries last night but he didn’t like them so out of the blue, I was crying like a baby. When I woke up, my goodnight sleep didn’t change a thing. I’m still not in the mood for everything. As in everything. When I’m about to take a shower to prepare for work, I noticed that I have red stains on my underwear. That explains why I’m having mood swings and unexplainable pain in my tummy. Arghh.. PMS! I missed that. Men always think that women are just making this as an excuse to be grumpy and all. I just wish that they would experience this every month so they would know how it really feels. I was surprised about this because it was like 8 months ago since I had my last menstruation.

When I stopped taking pills way back March, I haven’t had my menstruation in a regular basis. I was thinking before that I was pregnant but I was not and thinking that it was just delayed since I’m not taking the pills anymore. I’m really scared to go on a check up. I have all these scary things in my head that an OB Gyne would say about this so I prefered not to visit one though Hubby constantly reminds me of that. Even my friends were telling me to have a consultation so I can have the peace of mind. Well, I’m planning to see an OB Gyne soon but still scared. I just hope that my menstruation cycle will be as regular as before.